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The Summer Rail Challenge By Kevin Salonius

August 4th, 2017 - Posted by willski in Event Coverage, LINE Skis News

It’s hard to believe that six weeks have come and gone. But here we sit, in the dog days of summer. Some of us were lucky enough to spend time at summer camps, others not so much. Kevin Salonius, the Finnish Rail Guru, has been putting on the Summer Rail Challenge for a number of years now, and the overarching impulse is the same: make due with what you’ve got.

Not everyone can get to snow in the summer months. But anyone can take some scrap wood, cobble together a drop-in, and hit a sketchy rail in their backyard — once you get over the embarrassment of putting clicking into skis without the slightest bit of snow within 500 miles.

Overall, there were 21 entries, each one demonstrating some serious ingenuity. But as the Entry Deadline came and went, the votes were tallied, and three guys guys rose to the top of the pack. Folks, without further introduction and posturing, we present the top three from the Summer Rail Challenge by Kevin Salonius:

1.Sage Frontella

2. Max Rye

3. Corey Iyoob

Congrats, guys! We broke down the top three below. So Keep reading to learn more, and watch the edits.

First Place: Sage Frontella


“Sage really embodies what this contest was all about: making due with what you’ve got,” explains Kevin. “With some seriously technical tricks, creative setups, and a host of gnarly bails, Sage put out a rad edit that really got me fired up to go and hit my sketchy backyard creations.” Sage will be walking away with a pair of LINE freestyle skis of his choosing, alongside a prize pack from Saga, MSnow and Spy.


Sage came out swinging with some hilarious bails, and followed them up with some creative builds on angled pads, integrating rail lines into his setup, and still putting down some technical switch ups and big spins out. And check out that line at 01:19: Sage laced a switch 2 on, pretzel 2 off of a picnic table. Also, how about that blind 3 switch up at 01:39?! Dang, dude!

Second Place: Max Rye

Sage was followed closely – really closely, I might add – by Max Rye from Great Britain. Max’s backyard setup was extensive and well developed. He was able to use this to put down some smooth tricks on his downrail and flat down feature. He skied strong, fluid, and even put down some heaters, like that proper double front swap pretzel 2 at 00:49 and the ender on the banana bend rail to blind swap. Also, shout out to the Kid Cudi track, harkening back to Leigh Powis’s early days – an ode to the fellow Brit? Who knows.

Third Place: Cory Iyoob

Cory Iyoob ended up taking third. With hippy killers, funky z-rail setups, Cory embraced the strange. And how about the most ridiculous front swap – front swap – front swap – front swap – front swap (we actually had to count the swaps)? Cory showcased technicality, a DIY attitude, and a lot of fun.


Big ups to all the skiers that entered the contest! We’re stoked with how well everything turned out, and really admire the dedication to keep the shred alive — even in the absence of snow. Check out all of the entries HERE.


August 4th, 2017 - Posted by Mikiya in Japanese Line News



LINE ペスカド専用スキーカバー。



Windells Session 4

July 27th, 2017 - Posted by willski in Event Coverage, LINE Skis News

LINE Takes over The Funnest Place On Earth!

Maybe you’ve turned your back on skiing. Maybe, that drive to get on snow has been overshadowed by camping, skating, or even fishing (although who in their right mind is into that?). But up atop Mt. Hood, the stratovolcano that dominates the lexicon of summer skiing, is still firing. And the past week, LINE skiers from all corners of the country came out to scratch that insatiable itch to ski.

This past week, Session 4 got underway, with non other than Khai Krepela coming in for a Session Takeover™. And in typical fashion, he brought along a whole host of fellow LINE skiers to put on a show. Tucker FitzSimons took a break from destroying the Hood River Skatepark to step onto some rails, Andy Parry kept things weird, and Jarrad McCarl rolled down from Canada to showcase his smooth and calm style. Peter Koukov even flew out from Colorado, and Sawyer Sellingham took a break from Cape Cod to get back on snow.

Jarrad McCarl backslides through the C-Rail

But this wasn’t a typical session — not by any stretch. Khai hosted the inaugural Khai Krepela Summer Classic. So Khai ponied up 1500 bucks, and the kids got after it. Forster Meeks laid down some high speed disasters on the 55 foot DFD. Tucker FitzSimons quietly destroyed some rad lines, and Jennie-Lee Burmansson planted a firm flag for the future of women’s skiing. Each walked away with 500 dollars, respectively.


Khai staying centered.

But at the end of the day, it’s not about the competition, it’s about the skiing. And Windells’ park has been on point all summer, thanks in large part to everyone’s favorite ginger, Jack Borland. As head digger, he’s made it his mission to create the best summer park on the mountain; and his crew of diggers abide.


@tuckerfitzsimons comin’ in hot with some rail heaters from @windellscamp on the new #LINEChronic. 🌋

A post shared by LINE Skis® (@lineskis) on

So if you aren’t ready to call it yet, load up the car, and head out to Oregon. There’s still time.

Zermatt Glacier Days: Episode 3.1

July 24th, 2017 - Posted by willski in Event Coverage, LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Sami Ortlieb, Will Wesson and Crew Head Back To Zermatt

Oh, how quickly time passes. Yet here we stand with the start of the third season of the Zermatt Glacier Days. With filmer and scoring extraordinaire, Jeff Kohnstamm at the helm, the boys produced this rad piece of summer feel good shredding. Check out the lines Sami puts down, and don’t miss Will’s subtle rail trickery.


But above all, this rad little slice of Swiss life highlights the insane mountain landscape of the Alps. Massive glaciers, high alpine lakes, and a hefty dose of surreal high alpine wilderness. If that — combined with a rad summer park — doesn’t make you want to drop everything and head to Switzerland, nothing will.

Tom Wallisch X Good Company in Mammoth Unbound

July 11th, 2017 - Posted by willski in Event Coverage, LINE Skis News, LINE Team News


Tom Wallisch and Dale Talkington head to Mammoth for Some Slushy Spring Park Laps with Good Company



With an absolutely absurd snowpack from the best winter in recent years, Mammoth quickly became THE destination for early summer park laps. The infamous Mammoth Unbound Terrain Park is home to one of the best parks in the world. And Tom and Dale made quick work of it.

All shot and cut by the discerning eye of AJ Dakoulas from Good Company, this short segment offers smooth follow cams and the classic desaturated 4bi9 aesthetic. Toss in some good old fashion rail wizardry by two of the best in the game, and boom; there’s no doubt that this will be one of those edits you bookmark. Watch Dale destroy the iconic (but recently rebuilt as a tube?) Mammoth Deck Rail. Check out that absolutely mental straight left ten cuban. And oh yeah, did you catch the ABM backslide briebe continuing cameo?

But there’s no doubt that Tom puts in down. With his signature effortless landings, capped blunts, and flawless right 9s, tom puts it down with the style we’ve come to expect out of the Pittsburgh native. From filthy, high speed rail tricks, to floaty switch dubs, Tom puts it down.

So why are you still reading this? watch the darn thing already! And Check out Tom’s Ski here to get the tools you need to stomp as hard as Wallisch himself.

A post shared by Tom Wallisch (@twallisch) on

A post shared by Tom Wallisch (@twallisch) on


July 10th, 2017 - Posted by Mikiya in Japanese Line News






LINE Mountain Command Season Roundup

July 7th, 2017 - Posted by willski in Event Coverage, LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Check Out Five Season Edits from the International LINE Mountain Command

The LINE Mountain Command, the legions of local rippers the world over, have been a mainstay of the LINE program from the beginning. Whether they’re lapping the big line at Breckenridge, piecing together lines at the plaza-inspired Sugarbush Parks, or hiking sketchy double kinks in Austria, the LINE MC operates within the core of current skiing.


And as the summer rolls around, the Skiers of the LINE Mountain Command invariably get to work, piecing together season edits of their winters spent chasing skiing — whatever that might mean to them. So we took a small spattering of some of our favorite season edits (so far), and grouped them together for your viewing pleasure. Each one, unique in it’s own right, highlights different regions and styles of skiing. Kick back and enjoy — we know you will.


1) Thomas Trifonitchev – Germany

With silky smooth style, lazy sets, and some damn good grabs, German Thomas Trifonitchev’s season edit is rad. Every set is proper. Thomas has that classic and timeless approach to park skiing. Check out his edit, filmed mainly in Austria. Check out that Flat 5 early slap across the rainbow rail!


2) Charlie Dayton – Vermont

There’s no denying that Vermont holds a special place in LINE’s heart. For many years, we called Burlingon, Vermont home, and the area has long been a stronghold of LINE Mountain Command Skiers. Heck, Most of the Rebel Base (all those nerds working at LINE behind the scenes) called Sugarbush their home mountain at some point. Charlie keeps that train going, but embodies the skate-inspired style that dominates Vermont ski culture.


3) Peter Koukov – Colorado

If you roll up to Keystone or Breckenridge, Colorado on any given day, the park will be overrun by talented comp kids, training their t-set dub tens and unnatural 9s. And then there’s Peter Koukov. With dad shades and track jackets, he’s that guy skiing mach-a-billion into flat rails, and skying backflips off of barrel bonks. This young buck treads that line between swerve skiing and the more traditional — and has more fun than you while doing it.

4) Fabio Doberauer – Austria

With some reckless behavior, sketchy urban setups, and an utter lack of fear, Fabio Doberauer brings the reckless element into his skiing. Check out some of those bails; he’s fully committed. Skiing out of the one and only Absolut Park in Austria, Fabio is holding it down both in the streets and on the massive jumpline at Austria’s best park.



5) Peyben – Sweden

Par Hagglund is the main member of the Bunch Family, but before the norm-core troupe of skiers came together at Space Camp (no joke), Par was one of the best up-and-coming ski racers in Sweden. In Peyben in the Park II, Par demonstrates his uncanny ability to twist, swerve, and defy physics on even the most basic features. Maybe one day, Par will take it one step further and produce an entire edit leaving the ground.



Stay tuned for more season edits and segments as the months roll on.


July 7th, 2017 - Posted by Mikiya in Japanese Line News






JAPAN SNOW EXPO 2017 Preview 第4弾

June 30th, 2017 - Posted by Mikiya in Japanese Line News

2017年2月に開催されたSKI EXPO展示会の第4弾映像~。


まずは、ピンクのグラフィックカラーが映えるパンドラ。こちらはメンズモデルのSICK DAYシリーズがベースとなっていて、SICK DAYよりもソフトな仕上がりになってます。特徴はノーズロッカーが強めで、パウダーでのTop浮きが非常に良いです。レディースモデルとして登場していますが、メンズが使用してもOK。取り回しのしやすさを求めている方、細かい林間を多く滑る方、筋力に自信のない方でも扱えるモデルになっています。


そして、今季新登場のHONEY BEE(ハニービー)。グラフィックが、かわいいですね。ハニーバジャーのレディース版といえば分かりやすいでしょうか。オールラウンドカテゴリーで、レディースのパークモデルといえば、このHONEY BEEになります。来シーズン、パークでたくさんこの板を見れるかな~?ガールズの皆さん楽しみにしていますw




JAPAN SNOW EXPO 2017 Preview 第3弾

June 29th, 2017 - Posted by Mikiya in Japanese Line News

2017年、2月に行われたSKI EXPO Previewの第3弾。

Men’s FREERIDEカテゴリー。

フルモデルチェンジしたSICK DAY。センター幅で4つのサイズがあります。114、104、94、88の4モデル。SICKDAYは、フリーライドエリアでの滑りやすさを重視して作られているモデル。特長はノーズロッカーが強めで、フレックス、トーション共に柔らかくはありませんが、かたくもありません。「程よい」といった言葉があてはまるでしょうか、踏み込んでしなってくれる印象がありました。114はパウダーライドが多い方、104と94はオールラウンダーな方、88はゲレンデ&整地がメインの方にオススメです。


Line skierのLeo Tailleferは、スーパーナチュラルで春山を高速でライディングしてます。こんなザクザク雪でも安定感バツグンです。

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