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Rom Tells All!

November 24th, 2009 - Posted by in Traveling Circus Sideshow

Exclusive! Shocking! Tell-all first hand encounter with The Traveling Circus. As told by Rom, Lake Tahoe Host of the Traveling Circus:

“The first week of November marked the Traveling Circus’s glorious return to Tahoe. The group of five arrived in Andy’s tiny Subaru that appeared to be on the verge of collapse.

Their increased budget apparently hasn’t completely affected their diet.  Will ate tuna fish for breakfast and cup of noodles for lunch daily.  Dinners were pasta with Shane’s homemade meat sauce and frozen pizza – practically fine dining by ski bum standards.  Andy continues to refuse to shower or wash his clothes.

Erik and Andy in the guest bedroom.

Erik and Andy in the guest bedroom.

From an accommodations standpoint, the group has moved up or down in the world, depending on how you skin the cat.  This year we had a guest bedroom, so Will and Andy no longer had to share a room with me.  However, they brought 3 additional people, so their room was more crowded than ever.  So much so that Andy and Erik shared a double bed and put up a sheet to separate them.

Garrett sleeping on the floor.

Garrett sleeping on the floor.

The first morning, my housemate Jason commented that the Circus’s friendships seemed so much better than ours because they were so nice to each other.  He quickly retracted that statement after a night of ceaseless bickering about nothing.

Needless to say, all is well and good in the world of the Traveling Circus.  Will and Andy still argue, anyone remotely affiliated with The Circus has still committed to a vow of poverty, and oh ya, they are still skiing amazingly well.”

-Romolo Marcucci

Photo stolen from Facebook

Photo stolen from Facebook

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