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November 28th, 2009 - Posted by in Traveling Circus Sideshow

Episode Three: The Great Western Expansion

The last time I slept in a real bed was about a month ago: the night before we started driving. Since then I have seen three different couches, the front seat of my truck plus a handful of living room and hallway floors. Oh, there also was the night spent in a tent under the yellow streetlights of a rest stop in Kansas, the back of my pick-up truck in Ohio and the twin size air mattress I now have here in Salt Lake.

Sleeping arrangments on the road. This acctually was quite nice.

Sleeping arrangments on the road. This acctually was quite nice.

During Episode Three I also experienced my first In-N-Out double-double cheeseburger, my first time in Nevada and California, as well as the first time I ever filmed with Garrett Russell. I met Garrett for about five minutes last year and up until sometime this spring I had no idea he actually lived in this country. I think it was the mustache that threw me off this whole time.

Garrett and his confusing mustache.

Garrett and his confusing mustache.

Garrett is from Colorado and might be my favorite skier to film. (Aside from Andy and Will of course) He is totally unpredictable both on and off skis, has a very refreshing outlook on skiing, and is rarely seen without a smile and sunglasses.

En Route to Utah

En Route to Utah

I would recommend driving across the country at least once. If only for In-N-Out, Waffle House or the many exotic vistas and locales of the mid-west.

Shane's Truck and The Arch

Gateway to The West!

(TC filmer/editor guy)

p.s. We like doing things on Sunday’s. See you in a week.

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