In late January, after a long dryspell in Utah, the sky opened up and overdue glory snowed down upon us.  We headed to The Canyons for some deeeeep powder with Erik Olson.



After a few epic days on the mountain, we hit up a local park in Salt Lake City with Ian Compton.  I don’t want to give anything away, but I’d personally like to thank Ian for his sacrifices during this session.  Shane even bought him a burrito for his efforts.  He’s okay, don’t worry, just sit back and enjoy.  Man vs. Tree:

Ian vs. Tree

Next up, we hopped in the car and set out towards Colorado.  On the way we hit up some rare desert mini lines for the heck of it. Everyone got first descents.

Utah Desert

The Man and his Mustache

We met up with Garrett Russell (above) in Glenwood Springs, CO and continued on to Denver for the SnowSports Industries America Trade show also known as SIA. Check out the LINE soft-goods and Pointy Stick Man below:

Line streetwear wall SIA 10



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