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E.P.I.C. Monthly #5

April 25th, 2011 - Posted by in Traveling Circus Sideshow

(Exiciting Photos, Incredible Content!)



Outside Vegas

Outside Vegas



Near Vegas Ski Area

Near Vegas Ski Area

The less glamorous side of cheap housing

The less glamorous side of cheap housing

More Nevada Desert

More Nevada Desert

Even More Mountains

No Casinos here


Jackson Trip with LJ Strenio

April 14th, 2011 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

A month ago Will Wesson, John Kutcher and myself all had a week with nothing going on, a rarity for a single skier much less three in the middle of the winter. Rather than catch up on sleep or shred around our local mountain of Park City we decided to skip the break and go on another adventure. I had been meaning to visit my sister in Jackson Hole, which coincidentally had been getting dumped on all week so we sent it northbound. With the help of my older sister Jacki and our friend Julie Weinberger who is now the Social Media & Marketing Coordinator for Jackson Hole, we were able to squeeze in a few days of some of the best skiing of the season, pure ski bum style. After three days of sleeping on couches, dollar store candy, early ups, epic pow and Corbet’s Couloir, we topped it all off with a wild St. Patty’s Day on our final night right in Jackson! After a spontaneous week of roughing it we hopped back on the calendar to finish our busy seasons. Check out the epic photos and edit from our trip, Thanks to Julie Jacki and the whole Dual exhaust crew for having us! Enjoy that spring skiing! – LJ

will backie

Will Wesson backie

will takin off

Will Wesson takin off

The Crew preparing for our daily warm up run into corbit’s couloir

The Crew preparing for our daily warm up run into Corbet’s Couloir

Tucking one up

Tucking one up

Robot will learning to fly

Robot will learning to fly

LJ pillow Blast!

Pillow Blast!

3ing a hollywood hit

3ing a hollywood hit

Kutcher tweakin one out

Kutcher tweakin one out

Kutcher under the white curtain

Kutcher under the white curtain

John Kutcher sending a big one

John Kutcher sending a big one

Dylan Siggers – The Season is Ending

April 13th, 2011 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

Last week BC ripper Dylan Siggers took some time away and sent over an update/re-cap his year of cliffs, pow, comps, tours and sledding. Enjoy the story from the man himself.

Well the ski season is drawing to a close for most of B.C. and one of my favorite times of the year is just beginning. Spring brings an exciting time filled with slushy jump laps, warm weather, goggle tans and a chance to reflect on another season passing.

As the leaves fell and the cast on my arm came off it became a daily excursion to take the van down to the arena and load the trailer with snow. This year we tried to do things differently rather than sticking to the casual back-yard rail. With access to a banshee bungee and some shoveling, the town became a playground.

Then once the snow began to fall, it gave no mercy. Within 72 hours over 40 centimeters of snow had fallen in town. Making driving impossible and skiing incredible!

Its always good when you can ski on the side of the road.

Then because of the early snowfall Fernie Alpine Resort was able to open the mountain prematurely to the eager public. Some of my favorite skiers came down from kimberly and I had the pleasure to ski with them.

The following weeks brought more and more snowfall allowing us to go nuts in the Knot Chutes during the christmas break.

Then as the first and last semester of my Grade Twelve year came to a close, I missed the very last day of high school in my life to attend the Canadian Open Jr.Freesking Championships in Rossland B.C. The venue was much burlier than I had anticipated but my new Influence 115s helped me ski the way I wanted to. After it was all said and done I had emerged in 4th place. It was an excellent weekend and I couldn’t have had a better group of people to spend it with.

Shortly after skiing in Rossland, my home mountain hosted the annual Fernie Jr.Freesking Competition. I was very excited for this weekend, being on my home mountain and somewhat of a veteran I was extremely comfortable skiing the venues. After 6 years of looking to the top of the podium I finally returned barely ahead of two of my good friends Jayden Starnino and Mitch Grahm. Its always a pleasure to be on the podium with friends.

However it was not all smiles. A fellow skier, Amanda Timm, had an unfortunate fall into a tree and was carried off the course via ski patrol with a severe back injury. But she is keeping her spirits high and is staying positive.

The final competition of the year was set at Castle Mountain Resort. They hosted their first Jr.Freesking competion this year and it was incredible. The weather was great, the venues were exciting and the usual crew of amazing skiers came for the contest. Enjoying the sunny skies I watched more of my good friends display some incredible skiing.

One of these people included Graham Trentholm. I watched Graham get lost in a cliff band, spot a very minimal landing 30 feet below him, and casually air to it with a grizzly STOMP. This move was a key ingredient to his first place finish. I was inched out of 1st place and into 3rd by a mere .1 points by Keegan Capel who demonstrated incredibly smooth skiing even when sending 20 foot airs.

Between contests Fernie was being plastered. With one storm cycle bringing over 100cms in a week my new friend Jimmy and I were having the most incredible days possible.

Now after saving my money throughout the winter it was finally time for the trip Jayden Starnino and I had been planning. We decided to take the week and travel through south eastern B.C with a loose time frame. We made stops in Golden, Revelstoke, Nelson and Rossland before making it back home. One of the key parts of the trip is that we planned to film everything. So with his contour HD and my GoPro and T2i we filmed almost every run.

Here is a compilation of the best footage put in chronological order

And here we are. With only two weekends left our ski hill will be closing with a base much greater than 4 meters. There will be plenty of ski touring for the months to come I’m sure. A huge thank you to LINE and SCOTT for treating me so well, it is an honor to represent both companies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, have a great summer
Dylan Siggers

For more of Dylan’s perspective check his Skiers Union profile

Jackson Hole Adventure

April 8th, 2011 - Posted by in Traveling Circus Sideshow

10am Mon- End a 3 week trip to the east coast. Leave Collingwood, Ontario, drive through the night to Salt Lake City, Utah
2pm Tues- Arrive in Salt Lake City, exhausted and happy to be out of the van, ready to spend a few days at home!
An hour later- Talk with LJ Strenio, he’s going to Jackson Hole for 3 days
10pm Tues- Hop in LJs car and start driving again
2:30am Weds- Arrive in Jackson
9am Weds- Wake up and ski for 3 days!
We didn’t film much, but here’s a few shots from the trip:

Jackson Holy S#*% from will wesson on Vimeo.


Eric Pollard – Nimbus’ En Route ‘Approach’

April 5th, 2011 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

No doubt we’ve enjoyed all of Eric Pollard‘s Nimbus films, but there was something about ‘Approach’ that stands out from the rest. Maybe it was the ‘family trip’ feel to Europe or the perfectly selected music, amazing cinematography or the ridiculous powder slashes; whatever it was we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We weren’t alone either. Instead of us saying what we think, here’s our top 5 comments from Newschoolers on ‘Approach’:






So if you haven’t seen it yet, please do yourself a favor. Clear your schedule for the next 39 minutes, get comfy and enjoy the show!

While it’s loading check below from some behind-the-scenes images and descriptions with words by Erin Valverde Pollard and photos by Erin Valverde Pollard, Justin Wiegand, Eric Pollard, Ike Smith & Chris Benchetler.

Eric and Chris went to Silverton in January. This is the cabin they stayed at.

Major amateur hour with the guns. Two first-timers.

Nighttime at the cabin consisted of surf and turf, fireworks, guns, and Ike’s night terrors keeping Chris and Eric awake.

Eric, Erin, and Justin all traveled to Europe to meet up with Roman Rohrmoser to ski Italy and Austria in February.

We were lucky to meet the Rohrmoser family and stay in their amazing B&B. They hooked us up big time! Nice rooms, fresh homemade apple pancakes, and good snow!

We had two BMW X1s to drive around for the whole month we were in Europe! These cars are amazing! They talk to you too!

Roman in front of an orange wall.

Espresso was a daily for the Nimbus crew.

It was an eight-hour drive from Austria to Italy. We saw lots of scenic roads through the Alps. Castles, castles everywhere! Goes pretty fast when you are driving one of these.

Eric and Roman filming the town of Courmayeur, Italy.

We stayed at an amazing B&B in Courmayeur with views of the mountains, unique stone rooftops and fresh croissants and fruit in the morning.

Here is a view from our private deck at La Grange.

Another view from the hotel…looming Mount Blanc.

We ate at this tiny little restaurant called Petit Bistrot almost every night. The menu is amazing and the people are very hospitable!

Inside Petit Bistrot having wine with the crew.

Eric Justin and Roman took some little sleds out one night and raced down the snow covered cobble stone streets. Might have been some schnapps involved…

Eric at La Baita hotel and restaurant at the base of the Courmayeur ski lifts. They always have such great lunch and espresso. We will be back for sure!

Inside La Baita, Alo our photographer had a gallery of his photos. A lot of them were from the last trip we went on to Italy. Here is Eric posing by one of the photos of him.

A shot looking down at the Valley…beautiful place!

Going up one of the many gondolas at Courmayeur. So many epic lines to do!

Eric and Roman hiking to their lines. They did a lot of this.

Eric and Roman posing for the camera with Mount Blanc in the distance.

Eric skiing one of his lines after touring out to the zone just before dark.

Mt. Blanc is massive! Look at little Weewolf-Wiegand in the bottom left.

The skiers on the heli day…Davide, Raffa, Roman and Eric.

Nice spines to ski, always rushing the light.

Eric pointing to the zone.

Back in Austria…Wiegand filming Erin filming Eric on the backside of Zillertal.

Hiking up to the cross at Zillertal Arena…some of the best terrain around the Alps.

Eric filming Roman for the interviews.

Erin filming and taking photos.

And now, Nimbus Independent presents En Route Approach…

Switching Places

April 2nd, 2011 - Posted by in Traveling Circus Sideshow

Shane(TC Camera Guy) switched places with Andy and I for a couple runs at Canyons last week, check out my edit:

Shane Promo 2011 from will wesson on Vimeo.


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