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November 24th, 2014 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

As featured in the 2014 Freeskier Magazine Buyer’s Guide:

“Line Skis: Powered by Divine Inspiration”


“J, I have to talk to you about the ski, the biggest ski ever.”

So begins an email written from Eric Pollard to Line Skis founder Jason Levinthal. The excerpts that follow give a glimpse of a goosebumps-inducing plea to fulfill a vision. The email is a golden nugget of skiing history.

“Line has always been the most progressive company in skiing. This year we need to jump to the future and capitalize. I am a prophet, and I can see that if we do, we will set a trend in skiing that everyone will follow. We have to act first.”

Pollard goes on to describe some of the specifics of a new ski, including dimensions, and lays out his plan to crush heli trips the world over. He spoke of “first track fakie 720s and 540s off cliffs,” from Alaska to Norway. “I know you think that this ski is crazy, but please have faith. Please make this your main objective with me. We will honestly change everything,” Pollard’s message read.


The Line Skis Squadron. Photo by Rocky Maloney

Precisely five hours later, Levinthal responds, “I’m feelin’ it! As you wish… prophet.” And so the Prophet 130 was born. It would go on to influence a series of skis that dominated modern freeride ski design, winning countless awards and opening the door for what we call freeride skis today.

The now 12-year-old exchange exemplifies the role that Line Skis has played throughout freeskiing’s rise to the mainstream. It’s a brand that’s never been afraid to stir the pot. Experience gained along the way now informs the production of quality sticks that suit a variety of different skiing styles.

“We have two decades of freeride and freestyle innovation under our belts. We’ve been there through the rise and the changing tides of skiing,” says Josh Malczyk, global brand director.  READ MORE >>

Eric Pollard’s Travel Top Ten

November 21st, 2014 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

Professional skier & artist Eric Pollard is a world traveler, an explorer of the far-off and a seeker of deep snow. Pollard has logged countless miles finding the hidden stashes of powder, documenting them on film for web series and feature films. In honor of our partnership with Alaska Airlines, we thought we’d ask him to put together a “top ten” of everything and anything travel related – some of it a “how to” and some of it a means to inspire you to get out into the wilds.

Here’s his compilation of all things travel:

Top Five Images to Inspire:

Rad pic, over under with two great skiers. – Eric

I like that older edit, reminds me of a fun day on my home mountain. – Eric

Trying to do surf shoe slashes is one of my favorite things to do on skis. – Eric

Coordinates was a movie I filmed and edited this winter, pretty stoked on how it turned out. – Eric

“Got to love a good portrait.” – Eric

Top Five Things to bring on a long weekend:

1. Sliding Tool (i.e; skis, snowboard and/or surfboard)

2. Sunglasses

3. Trunks

4. Camera

5. Toothbrush.

“Sugar Mountain” drops November 25th!

November 17th, 2014 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

“Sugar Mountain”

Our Australian MC Watkin McLennan and company traveled  to Alaska this past winter to ski and film its famed Chugach Mountains with the mission to document the entire experience. The fruits of that labor will be dropping November 25th!


Sugar Mountain, by director Richard James of the acclaimed White Silk Road on snowboarding in Afghanistan, is the story of eight friends who leave behind their urban latte-lives to exist – alone and unassisted – for a month on a remote glacier in the Chugach Range of Alaska. The film follows them as they climb, ride and explore the surrounding “peaks of possibility.” It’s a cinematic exploration of the excitement, struggle and success of a crew of passionate dreamers, tackling a simple question – why adventure?

“A month is a blink in glacial time. For us it was full immersion. – full connection – a full removal from our urban click. Magic,” says Australian producer Oscar McLennan. “Yet this time also revealed the graceful death of the glacier beneath us. It made you contemplate its lasting place in our future.” Sugar Mountain stars world class skiers including Chris Booth, Watkin McLennan, Tim Myers and Miles Clark. It showcases an original, award winning score by Geordie Miller with Client Liaison, and artwork by the prolific Celeste Byers of California. The film brings a fresh style and a unique outlook to the genre by replacing helicopters with advanced drone technology by 3D Robotics for a more personal POV, and connects with viewers through a life adventure with true urbanites.

“Making this film was very different to my last films,” said director Richard James. “The whole cast and crew camped together for a month. With virtually no contact beyond the walls of our tents, conversation often centered on the movie, and that has really given this film its unique and authentic feel. Eight people collaborating on a doco as it happens in the Alaskan wilderness – it doesn’t get more real than that.”

The film will be released Tuesday, November 25, 2014. Sign up now for an invitation on launch at

Partly Cloudy with 100% Will Wesson!

November 6th, 2014 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Will Wesson’s Opening Segment from “Partly Cloudy”

Level 1 Productions has just released Will Wesson’s segment from their 2013 release “Partly Cloudy” for free & for your enjoyment! Watch the segment above for full on rail tomfoolery!

About Partly Cloudy

Everything is baked. The snow has turned to mush and that burn is starting to peel. Fortunately, for those seeking cover from the glare there is a reset on the way. Hot on
the heels of Level 1’s award-winning film Sunny comes a slightly different forecast.
No major disturbances or low-pressure fronts, just a healthy mix of skiing, music, and personality with a low ultraviolet index. Partly Cloudy.

Partly Cloudy Awards:
“Best Jib Movie” – IF3 (International Freeskiing Film Festival) Montreal, QC
“Rookie of the Year” Lucas Stal-Madison – IF3 (International Freeskiing Film Festival) Annecy, France
“Viewer’s Choice” – Dew Tour Recognize Film Fest

Partly Cloudy Nominations:
“Best Movie” – IF3 (International Freeskiing Film Festival) Montreal, QC
“Best Editing” – IF3 (International Freeskiing Film Festival) Montreal, QC
“Best Cinematography” – Powder Video Awards
“Best Man Made Air” – Powder Video Awards
“Best Jib Segment” Chris Logan, Will Wesson – F3 (International Freeskiing Film Festival) Montreal, QC
“Best Single Shot” – IF3 (International Freeskiing Film Festival) Annecy, France

Chris Logan, Will Wesson, Ahmet Dadali, Parker White, Adam Delorme, Tanner Rainville, Wiley Miller, LSM, Tim McChesney, Banks Gilberti, LJ Strenio, Torin Yater-Wallace, Josh Bibby, Niklas Eriksson, Logan Imlach, Sammy Carlson, Sig Tveit, Magnus Granér… and friends.

Shot on Location in:
Utah, Sweden, Whistler Blackcomb, Alaska, Colorado, Wisconsin, New York, British Columbia, Les Arcs France, Kansas, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Finland, Sun Valley Idaho, Mt. Bachelor Oregon

Tom Wallisch Joins Line Skis

November 3rd, 2014 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

We couldn’t be more stoked to welcome Tom Wallisch to the Line team! The respect the Line crew has had for Tom’s raw talent, style, work ethic, attitude, motivation and overall professional awesomeness and fits us perfectly.  He’s been on the Chronic since he got on snow in August and we’re excited to start developing some new rad products together!

“I couldn’t be more excited to announce my new partnership with Line. The first twin tips I owned were Line’s and it’s amazing to go full circle and be back skiing them again” claims Wallisch.  “What makes Line as a company so special to me is how true the company is to our sport. They are solely focused on our sport of freeskiing and providing the best possible product for myself and kids just like me all over the world.”


For nearly two decades Line’s unwavering mission to make skiing more funner continues. Through progressive ski designs, unique marketing and working with creative athletes, the addition of Wallisch will bring the mission to the next level. Tom joins one of the most diverse pro teams on the planet with skiers Eric Pollard, LJ Strenio, Will Wesson, Max Hill, Colter Hinchliffe, Andrew Whiteford, Rob Heule, Andy Parry, Max Hammer, Niklas Eriksson, Even Sigstad, Hadley Hammer, Roy Kittler & Cole Drexler.


Over a decade ago .. Tom rode LINE as his first freestyle skis!

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