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The Skis of the Year! 2017 LINE SKIS

September 9th, 2016 - Posted by Dan Brown in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Ski Artists & Designers

LJ Strenio, LINE SKIS Chronic Ski

Drop In, Join In – 2017 LINE SKIS

For 21 years our door has always been open, welcoming every skier and any idea; never denying or dismissing. This is what has kept us young and progressive. Our ranks have grown, our gear has expeanded and change has been constant in our never ending pursuit of our goal from the beginning – to make skiing more funner.

For 2017, we’ve continued to stay true to the original drive of making skiing More Funner, working with athletes & artists to deliver some of the most inspiring skis yet – the innovative Pescado, all-new promodel from Tom Wallisch, Supernatural 86 and the Honey Badger.

WATCH & LEARN: The All New Pescado from Eric Pollard & LINE

/pes.’ A fish that has been caught. This ski is a fish out of water! A directional surfy ski has been in the mind of EP for years. With bamboo sidewalls, Partly Cloudy Core™, a veneer topsheet with a timeless graphic, the Pescado fuses the best of surfing, art and skiing. (158-125-147 / 180cm)

Tom Wallisch w/ his new promodel

Tom Wallisch with his promodel, the Tom Wallisch Pro in Austria.

The new Tom Wallisch Pro ski is all Tom. The Early Rise™ and Early Taper™ in the tip and tail create a low swing weight that is unrivaled, while its super stable Maple Macroblock core make it sturdy enough to handle any damage that massive tabletops and 30-foot closeout rails can dish out, all while being a fun and playful ski for the entire mountain. The Carbon Ollie Band™ gives it plenty of pop so skiers can launch off kickers and onto rails with ease. At 90mm underfoot and available in three different lengths (164cm, 171cm and 178cm), this ski is the perfect size to ride anywhere. Available for younger shredders is the Tom Wallisch Shorty, a full wood core ski bearing the same graphics as the TW Pro and featuring equal height tips and tails. (117-90-112)

The All-New LINE Supernatural 86

The All New Supernatural 86

The new Supernatural 86 brings the responsiveness and stability that the Supernatural series is known for to a slimmer profiled ski. Its stable Maple Macroblock core, firm Directional Flex and centered Metal Matrix™ make this beast a solid option for a long day of frontside charging. Whether arcing turns down groomers first thing in the morning or blasting through late day crud, the Supernatural 86 can handle it all with ease.

The All-New Honey Badger by LINE Skis

The All New Honey Badger

The all-new Honey Badger is… well, it don’t give a sh*t! Made to be tough as nails, given a simple design, a bomber bamboo core and an affordable price – this package has the bit it needs to kick ass in the park, streets and entire mountain. The Honey Badger. (120-92-116)

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The Ever Animated Sämi Ortlieb

Swiss MC Sämi Ortlieb recently sat down to talk shop with Downdays’ David Malacrida, dishing on all things skiing related in his life. Check out an excerpt below.

WATCH: Birds

Sämi Ortlieb is a highly original shredder from Switzerland. In contrast to the technical masters and park rats of the Swiss Freeski Team, Sämi charts his own course between the park and the backcountry. This season he is the breakout star of Level 1 Productions’ Small World, so we snagged him for a quick chat at the High Five Festival.

Hey Sämi, what are you doing at High Five?
I’m trying to get rid of my hangover and watch some movies, and will present the Level 1 movie tonight.

Is this the first time you’ve filmed with Level 1?
Yes, it’s my first time. I’ve skied with Will [Wesson] a lot, and at some point we were thinking I should join him for a Level 1 trip. I was supposed to go to Japan but that didn’t happen, and then Freedle, one of the filmers, came to Switzerland, and that was fucking amazing. Freedle is the man. He is the most fun guy to film with, maybe not the most productive guy because he’s kind of slow sometimes. READ MORE >>

The Tac Pointy Stick pole

See Sämi’s illustrations on the Tac Pointy Stick!


Eric Pollard’s Art – Now Available!

July 27th, 2015 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Ski Artists & Designers

Eric Pollard's Art is Now Available for Sale!


Just in time for winter’s arrival– Eric Pollard announces new work & a new website which feature all your favorite artwork which has given depth to LINE’s graphics for some time now – among them this year’s 2015/16 Sir Francis Bacon and All-New Mordecai.

Dive into the release below for more info and be sure to check out the new website at

Mount Hood, Ore. (July 28, 2015)

Eric Pollard Expands Artistic Collection with Launch of Redesigned Website

New online offerings allow fans to purchase Pollard’s full catalog of work

Designer, filmmaker, artist and all-around influencer of style, Eric Pollard, is proud to announce the complete overhaul of his website Not only does the new site offer original pieces of his stunning oil-on-canvas artwork, including the original painting that inspired the graphics on the newly redesigned 15/16 Sir Francis Bacon ski, fans of Pollard also have the chance to collect prints, apparel and accessories that the revered artist and skier has created over the last decade.

“Eric and his work are an essential component in the makeup of Line skis,” said Line Global Brand Director Josh Malczyk. “His attitude, style and artwork help us make skiing MORE FUNNER on a regular basis.”

A longtime Line skier, Pollard has been a part of the Line family for most of its existence. Beyond representing the iconic ski brand as an athlete, he has cemented his name in ski culture by designing the graphics and shapes of his pro-model skis since the early 2000s. His creativity has pushed the status quo in the ski world to new heights and played an important role in building Line’s reputation as an industry leader in style and quality.

In addition to time spent in his at-home art studio, Pollard has been hard at work editing the latest creation from his film company Nimbus Independent. After the Sky Falls, scheduled to release this fall, chronicles Pollard’s on-snow exploits over the last two winters.

“Having such a busy schedule doesn’t bother me. In a way it actually helps me organize all my projects,” said Pollard. “ When I’m not painting or editing the movie I get to spend time with Line’s engineers and design team. I’m stoked that I can pursue all of my passions with their support.”

Media Contact:

Alex Hunt

Verde Brand Communications

Blister Gear Review goes Supernatural

Blister Gear Goes In Deep with the Supernatural

This season, we released the All-New and award winning Supernatural series – a hard charging freeride ski built and expanded from the much loved Prophet.

We could go on-and-on about our new favorite all-mountain charger but don’t take our word on it; take theirs!  > Blister Gear Review provides one of our favorite in-depth reviews!

“The ski provides a VERY fun, interesting mix of playful / poppy and directional “chargy” skiing. I was even willing to spin several 3’s on the 108.” – Will Brown

“The Supernatural 108 feels quicker and does not ski as heavy” – Jonathan Ellsworth

“Tipping the skis on edge, the 108 wil hook up and begin to pull across the fall line more quickly, and with more energy” – Will Brown

READ MORE from Will Brown & Jonathan Ellsworth’s review.


Want to know more about the man behind the Supernatural? Read their interview with our “Enginerd” Jed Yeiser HERE.



“The Best Ski I’ve Ever Designed.” – Eric Pollard

September 4th, 2014 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Ski Artists & Designers

WATCH: Eric Pollard discusses the Magnum Opus

After years of development, we’re happy to offer the Magnum Opus (view product) for the 2015 winter season. Since 2010, skier & artist Eric Pollard has tested countless iterations in order to craft what is now known as the Magnum Opus, the best and lightest powder ski.

“The goal of the Magnum Opus was to create a ski that had the same feel as the Mr. Pollard’s Opus ski, but with increased float,” said Pollard. “I approached the design with a few ideas on how to accomplish that: larger waist width, longer length and a new tip outline and profile.”

Award Winning. DSV Aktiv & Freeskier Magazine’s 2015 Editor’s Pick

The Magnum Opus incorporates the new Cloud Core, a futuristic material which combines balsa and flax seed composite to give the ski its unfathomable “lighter-than-air” feel. Additionally, the Early Rise and Early Taper tip shape and profile design creates a perfect powder ski which floats through the deepest snow with minimal effort. At just 4,200 grams (9 pounds, 4 ounces) per pair, the 188-centimeter long, 124-millimeter waisted Magnum Opus sets a new standard for lightness and versatility for powder skis.

Shown: Engineer Jed Yeiser, Marketing’s Eric Newgard & Eric Pollard

Animation Domination with Max Hammer

July 23rd, 2014 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Ski Artists & Designers

Understory by Max Hammer

LINE MC Max Hammer  is known for skiing creative lines at Jackson Hole (click here to see him ski) but that creativity doesn’t end when the tram closes.  Max graduated from Dartmouth last year and put together this amazing animation for his final project for all to watch.

From Max:

Most of the info is on that page, but basically it’s a completely handmade stop-motion animated movie. It’s also almost entirely edited in-camera, so all the setup, lighting, movement, and whatnot was created frame-by-frame without much aid from robots or computers.” 

Who is Hot Possie?

July 7th, 2014 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Ski Artists & Designers

Meet Jon Hartman

Jon Hartman cannot whistle. Jon Hartman has never met a burrito he did not like. Jon Hartman loves whiskey, his wife and metal. Jon Hartman is one of the recent additions to the Line Skis team. Welcome.

Jon made the trek up the I70 corridor to join Will, Erik & Garrett for the LINE takeover at Woodward Copper earlier this summer:

Jon Hartman is also a graphic artist.

“In those brief and elusive times when I’m neither skiing, drinking, nor wreaking general havoc…I’m arting. Inspired by my fuller-time hobbies, outlined above, I illustrate those things that alter perspective….and somehow this is also my job. Enjoy some of my recent work, and check out more at” – Jon Hartman

Dream Jobs: Ski Graphic Designer

December 18th, 2013 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Ski Artists & Designers

Our own professional picture drawer, Nathan Canupp speaks with Connor Davis from Skiing Magazine about his job here at Rebel Command. For 7 years, Nathan’s been the lead for our graphic design and curating some of the most innovative ski top sheets to date. Here’s what he had to say:

How did you get interested in graphic design?

I went to college for media communications and technology, which is basically anything from print graphics, to Web design, to making movies and television. I originally went there planning to make ski movies. I was going to partner with my friend who went to film school, but we wound up taking different paths after realizing we didn’t have athletes that anyone wanted to see. We didn’t know any pros, and growing up in Pennsylvania it’s like, “Hey! Check out this 700-foot vertical mountain that we’re skiing on.” Meanwhile everyone else had access to big mountains and parks. So it just naturally happened. It really wasn’t something I expected to do as a kid, especially after being so passionate about making ski films for years.

How exactly did you end up at Line?

I interned for Line Skis in Vermont when I was in college. At the time, they were in the same building as Karhu. After the internship, Karhu offered me a position doing graphics. Then, when Line moved to Seattle, I started working for them.

How do you come up with initial design ideas?

I usually run a graphic through a survey or focus group to see what people think. If people like it, I usually get the green light. From there I contact the artist and negotiate a contract with him/her. I’ll send him a creative brief saying what we’re looking for, and eventually they start sending in art.

How do you go about finding these artists?

Typically you’ll just go through agencies to find an artist. Or sometimes, you’re just browsing the Internet, going from one thread to another. Then you find an artist you like, and from there maybe he has links to other artists that you like. Eventually I’ll see someone’s work, decide if it fits our brand, and see if I feel like that artist would understand what were going for.

What do you look for in Line designs?

We’re always looking for something new and unique. We’re always trying to guess what the new trend is going to be, and trying to forecast that along with possible colors. We’re not always trying to do something bizarre, but we like to do something that’s comical and humorous. We’re making skis that should be fun, and one thing that’s fun about working with Line is that we see ourselves as the skateboarder brand of the ski industry. We’re not afraid to take a risk that’s over the top.

How much does athlete input come into play with Line’s graphics?

We collaborate with our athletes on nearly all the graphics. They’re skiing year round and can see when a new trend is starting. They’ll let us know if a graphic’s not working, or when something has been over played. They’re basically our eyes, and play a large part of the process.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

The trickiest part is trying to convey my vision to another person, so he or she can create it. The other hard part is keeping track of all of the artists. We often hire people from outside the U.S., and it can be busy just keeping tabs on all the artists to make sure they haven’t veered too far off the original plan.

What’s the most fun part of your job?

Honestly just working for Line. Having that skateboarder mentality, we tend to take chances with our graphics. Sometimes it stirs up a conversation with people talking about it online or in magazines, and it goes way better than we thought it would. Also seeing your work, and the physical proof of your labor is a great feeling. Seeing kids using our skis and poles is fun and rewarding. When our ideas end up being sold on a global level, it still blows my mind. It’s humbling. It’s just nice to see something tangible at the end of the day that you’ve worked on.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned throughout your career?

It’s something I learned a long time ago when I interned with Line: Never show a graphic that you’re not happy with. If they choose it, then you’re stuck looking at something you’re not happy with for a year.


As Seen on: Dream Jobs: Ski Graphic Designer /

Skiing Magazine 2014 SKI OF THE YEAR

We could not find a situation in which the Sick Day 95, the narrowest of Line’s new three-model Sick Day series, wavered. For testers of all styles, sizes, and levels of aggression, it surfed soft and broken snow effortlessly, cranked spicy high-angle arcs without a hint of timidity, and flowed like honey through trees and bumps—all without punishing them for momentary balance lapses. Pop the champagne, no matter which coast you call home. This supremely versatile ski rules them all. Skiing Magazine

EP Guest Editor for Fall-Line Magazine

Eric Pollard is not only on the October cover of Fall-Line Magazine with his Bacons he is also the Guest Editor for the whole issue.

Issue 117: The Eric Pollard Issue is out now and we’re kicking the season off with a bang. The legend that is Eric Pollard is taking the seat as editor for our October edition. Find out about the inspiration behind Eric’s ski design, join him on a powder-hunting trip of the Austrian Arlberg and follow his step-by-step guide to riding a pillow line.

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