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The End of the Line Traveling Circus*

*The Traveling Circus is Over for the season!

It’s the season six finale: Konichiwa! The Line Traveling Circus crew travels over 5,000 miles to Japan for noodles, monkeys and skiing. Part soap opera, part travel documentary, “Everybody Loves Ramen – Part One” features the antics of Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Garrett Russell and Cole Drexler traveling across Japan in search of creative features and all the noodles they can eat!

“I honestly, I don’t know the plan. We’re going to go skiing and then we’re going to drive some more and go more skiing.” – Andy Parry

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Check out the photos from Will Wesson, Shane McFalls & Tatsuya Tayagaki!



Admission is free! No high-end production crews, annual movie sales, snowmobiles, or heli trips to AK here, just a couple of die-hard ski bums with a camera powered by more creativity, ingenuity & hyperactivity than a 3rd grade art class. This band of misfit skiers are lead by Will Wesson & Andy Parry on a year round adventure crisscrossing North America and beyond in search of an angled surfaces to ski on.  It’s reality TV meets modern ski bumming, for comedy, adventure and skiing antics that proves reality is more entertaining than fiction. Each of the eight episodes per season are watched tens of thousands of times online by skiers around the world. This popularity is the reason the Line Traveling Circus has been recognized with the first ever prestigious award of “Best Webisode” at the International Freeskiing Film Festival ( ).

Meet the Line Skis x Newschoolers “Get In The Van” Photo Contest Winners!

Pictures are funnier when you’re having fun with friends.

At the beginning of the year, Line Skis & teamed up to find the best, the most fun group photo of friends enjoying skiing. Thus the Line Skis x Newschoolers GET IN THE VAN Group Photo Contest was born.

After one round of open voting, the top 5 crews were announced and sent to the Traveling Circus crew for them to review and pick the winners.

The winning crew would receive 4 pairs of skis & pointy sticks with grips!

So without further delay, we’re happy to announce that the winners of the Line Skis x Newschoolers GET IN THE VAN Group Photo Contest are…

Complete Shananigans

Keenan Desplanques, Max Ickes, Vayle Townsend, Nico Schiavone and Garrett Coleman!

“This shot took about 8 attempts. Cant believe that this is actually going to be a part of the Line Traveling Circus!” – Keenan Desplanques

Congrats to the crew on winning the Line Skis x Newschoolers GET IN THE VAN Group Photo Contest. The group will receive 4 pairs of skis & pointy sticks with grips!

The Line Traveling Circus – Season Six

Watch More East Coast Hardcore Real Stuff…Part Two!

The Line Traveling Circus crew, now filming & releasing content for their sixth season, continues their journey in the latest release, “More East Coast Hardcore Real Stuff – Part Two” Join Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Cole Drexler, Charlie Dayton, Erik Olson & Shane McFalls as they wrap up their trip to the Northeast. Andy checks off a bucket-list line before the van and crew heads to Massachusetts and Pennsylvania to ski some park and eat some pizza.

What people are saying about the latest release:

“Andy doing something crazy since ’95” – SkiWithMeBro
“ALWAYS PUTS A SMILE ON MYE[sic] FACE, every time” – pâl jensen
“Thanks you smelly beauties!” – GoodOleChrusty

Andy Parry’s Moving Jump

Earlier this month, the The Line Traveling Circus Pizza Party edit beat out a slew of raucous entries in the Orage Masters CLIP Contest to win the $5,000 prize. The video’s crowning moment is the debut of a moving jump — it’s better to watch the video, above, than attempt to describe it — that likely secured the win for the characteristically oddball Traveling Circus crew. We caught up with the jump’s creator, Andy Parry, to get the inside story of this unusual stunt’s skiing debut.

Check out the complete Andy Parry Moving Jump article over at

Or to summarize in Andy’s own words; “100% claiming the moving jump happen almost all because of me. Everyone else wrote it off but it will go down in history, and add to the Traveling Circus legacy from now until the end of time. F*ck with that!”

Register for Windells & Win Skis!

LINE Skis is taking over Session 2 at Windells Camp so make plans now to come hang out with the Traveling Circus for a week of park riding and pizza eating good times!

All campers that register for LINE Week (6/16 – 6/23) by May 30th will be entered in drawing to win next years LINE Afterbang skis.

*Must pay in full by May 30th to enter drawing for Afterbang skis
**All campers who have already registered for Session 2 will be entered in this drawing

Click here to register for LINE Session 2

Top to Bottom with Will Wesson from Windells on Vimeo.

Traveling Circus Wins Orage Masters Clip Contest

With over 1,000 ‘Likes’ in just 8 days, LINE Traveling Circus Pizza Party took home 1st place and $5,000 worth of pizza money in the Orage Masters CLIP Contest to follow up their 3rd place finish at the Orage Masters in Sun Valley.  Huge thank you to everyone that watched and voted for PIZZA!


LINE Traveling Circus Pizza Party (TC 1st Place)

Orage Masters Recap Video (TC 3rd Place)

LINE Traveling Circus Week at Woodward Tahoe

Join the LINE Traveling Circus June 30th – July 6th at Woodward Tahoe for On-Snow Summer Camp.


Just Announced: LINE Traveling Circus Week at Windells 2013

LINE Traveling Circus is taking over Session #2 at Windells (June 16th-23rd)

Registration for Session #2 LINE Traveling Circus Week is now open and we look forward to seeing you there!

Fun with Line Traveling Circus – Summer 2012 from Windells on Vimeo.

Top to Bottom with Will Wesson from Windells on Vimeo.

Session 3, 2012: Skiing from Windells on Vimeo.

The Last Skiurai

Konichiwa, The Last of the Skiurai! 

The Line Traveling Circus travels to the land of pow, sushi, technology, more sushi, more pow, super-fast trains, sumo wresting and the rising sun; Japan! Canadians Cole Drexler and Rob Heule join Will and Andy for two weeks of all things Japanese skiing; powder, park, indoor ski-slopes and everything else in-between including but not limited to: lots of left-side-of-the-road driving, one twenty hour boat ride, a few plane flights and plenty of unidentified seafood. 


The Wizard of Odd


Traveling Circus goes from weird to odd in the latest episode 5.3 The Wizard of Odd



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