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Sick Day in Seattle Magazine’s Outdoor Gear Guide

Line Sick Day 95 featured in the Outdoors Gear Guide of the November issue for Seattle Magazine.

Gold Medal Ski for Mixed Snow Conditions

SKI Magazine tested all 2014 skis with wast widths of 84-97mm and awarded the Prophet 85 as Gold Medal Ski for Mixed Snow conditions for the East Coast. Tester consensus was absolute: Here’s the lightest, liveliest, and most playful ski in the category.

Click HERE for the complete review.

Foam Magazine’s Gear Junkie

The totally re-designed Pandora ski is featured in the December Holiday+Snow Issue of Foam Magazine on newsstands until January 13, 2014

Outside Magazine reviews the Influence

CATEGORY: Western All-Mountain Skis

BEST FOR: Your 100-day season out west.

THE TEST: This is a ski you use all day every day. There’s enough rocker and width to float in soft snow, sufficient taper to keep it loose in crud, and enough camber and tail to power through turns. “the soft tip eats up variable snow, but there’s great power underfoot,” said one tester.

THE VERDICT: Traditional-in a good way. A tester favorite.


Deep Snow Review of the Sick Day 125

SKI Magazine reviewed all the new powder skis for 2014 and the Sick Day 125 received the Gold Medal Gear award. In a category that split fairly neatly into two groups – edgy chargers and smeary surfers – the Sick Day 125 emphatically belonged to the latter. With ample width and heavy rocker, it not surprisingly ranked high in Flotation (No. 3).

Click HERE for the complete review.

Freeskier Magazine Review: Sir Francis Bacon

Sick Day 110 Tester’s Review

Buoyant in soft stuff and with a pocketful of turn shapes and styles, the Sick Day 110 is great for deep-snow days. What will shock you are its carving chops. It’s a stupid-fun pow ski that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of hard-snow performance or energy between turns. As one tester succinctly put it, “This ski is amazing.”

Click HERE to read more from Skiing Magazine.

Prophet 98 Review from Skiing Magazine

If you have an old friend who used to rip but still skis on his ancient K2 TNCs and you want to show him how far ski tech has come without kicking his ass, put him on the Prophet 98. “Supremely versatile,” said one tester. “Effortless and predictable,” said another. An easygoing yet ripping short-turn carver on piste, it’s still smeary enough to make trees and bumps really fun. “It never bosses you around.” A good one-ski quiver from East to far West.

Click on link below for the complete tester’s review

Soulmate 98 Recommended by Real Skiers

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Blister Gear Review for Sick Day 110

October 14th, 2013 - Posted by in Event Coverage, LINE Skis Reviews

Bottom Line

The Sick Day 110 performs well in consistent snow, and rewards an attentive driver in a centered, neutral position. It’s soft shovels, shorter sidecut radius, and light weight aren’t going to simply smooth out choppy snow conditions, but it is a ski that will turn easily when asked, and can play on terrain features. It’s not for those looking to go as fast as possible while making as few turns as possible, nor is it a pure jib ski for spinning and popping off of everything in sight. It’s a more turn-oriented, play-in-tighter-spaces, softer-conditions ski that can still handle a groomer or big turn just fine.

If you are looking for a ski to tour on, but one that can still handle hold its own in-bounds in most conditions, the Sick Day 110 deserves to be on your radar.

Read the full in-depth review of the Sick Day 110 over at Blister Gear Review

Dana on the Line Sick Day 110, Taylor Mountains, with Mt Hutt Helicopters

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