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Tom Wallisch’s World Record!

April 20th, 2016 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Tom Wallisch’s World Record for Longest Rail Slide!

Tom Wallisch has done it! Earlier this month at Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania, Wallisch broke the world record for the longest rail slide on skis: 424 feet – a herculean task that took more than 400 attempts over the course of numerous days. Watch the recap above courtesy of Good Company and Stept Productions and then tune in to ABC this Saturday for a more in depth look at the Tom’s World Record setting event at 2:30 PM EST on the World of X Games: Tom Wallisch World Record

photo: Nick Martini

photo: Nick Martini

photo: Nick Martini

photo: Nick Martini

photo: Nick Martini

photo: Nick Martini

Welcome to the team Peyben & Khai!

April 19th, 2016 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Pär Hägglund & Khai Krepela join the LINE Skis team!

Welcome to the Team!

We’re happy to (belatedly) announce that Pär Hagglund & Khai Krepela have joined the team! We could go on and on about them but we’d figure we’d let other’s on the team get the details on the newcomers! Read on below!

Khai Krepela joins Line Skis!

KHAI KREPELA, as interviewed by Dylan Siggers

Favorite LINE skis? Honey Badgers

What’s the the sickest trick you could do as a 12 year old? Probably a 3,  I think that was also the first time I hit a rail.

Number of days not skiing park this year: [Haha] More than usual – spent some time skiing Sun Valley and then a bit of time hitting urban.

What thing are you really bad at…but still do regularly even though you suck? (e.g. Skateboarding) I would like to say I’m a good fisherman but I have a ton to learn.

How many Kms do you have on your van…yes, kilometers. Literally nobody knows how to do that math so it’s impossible to find out. It just tipped over 190,000 miles.

 How many nights have you slept in your van this year? Probably around a month. When I got back to Utah from Tell A Friend Tour, I didn’t have a place to live so I was living out of my car for a bit.

Fish eye or long lens? Fish eye… all day.

Jumpz or Railz? [Haha] Rails, I suck at jumps.

PBR or Coors banquet? In high school, it was PBR all the way – but it’s now Coors.

10. Best day of skiing in your life? Hiking Pine Cone Ridge with my dad and uncle. One of the most memorable and fun moments of my life.

Peyben Hägglund joins Line Skis!

PÄR “PEYBEN” HÄGGLUND, as interviewed by Andy Parry

Who do you look up to in skiing? Anyone who does shit that hasn’t been done yet or just does something old in a way that makes you think it’s new.

Do you think Will Wesson is a robot? I think there’s a while until we have robots with that much humility!

Whats one thing you like about the US? Panda Express.

Whats one thing you don’t like about the US? That there’s enough stupid people to make a stupid man a presidential candidate.

Who do you think has the best style? Right now, I think Sakarias Majander’s style is hard to beat!

Dogs or cats? Dogs! Cats are not to be trusted…

Do you think video games should be in the X Games? Heeeeell no! X-games is for Xtreme sports E-sports should have a E-games..

Do you do think the X Games is still cool? Yes of course, Henrik is still in it.

Favorite Ski? #bendyourblends

Your first flip? I flipped out on racing rules and quit it!




April 1st, 2016 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News



We’re headed to Summit at Snoqualmie for our annual photoshoot and we want you to tag along! We’re having the largest coagulation of LINE athletes ever descend on Snoqualmie Pass for 3 Days of selfies and snapchats.

Want to stay on top of the action? Follow us on snapchat at “LINESKISYO” or by watching it unfold on instagram with #LINESpringBreak16 (see below)!

Better yet! If you’re in the area – come hang out with us! We’ll be hot lapping the park of Summit Central , grilling up hot dogs & giving away gear during our Public Day – Tuesday, April 5th from 10 AM to 5 PM! Come meet your favorite athletes and get autographs. Check the event page HERE for more details!!


Not sure what to expect? Here’s the gallery from last year >>

You’ll like Leo’s Line!

February 29th, 2016 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

French MC & winner of GoPro’s LINE of the Winter, Leo Taillefer, has been dropping new edits consistently this season as part of his new project, “Leo’s Line” which showcases his unique, quirky approach to ways of skiing. This is today’s “must watch!”

Leo'S Line (december) from Leo'SLine on Vimeo.

Leo'S Line (january) from Leo'SLine on Vimeo.

Leo'SLine (Febuary) from Leo'SLine on Vimeo.

Wesson & Wallisch win at XGames Real Ski!

February 24th, 2016 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Will Wesson has claimed XGames Gold in the inaugural Real Ski Street! Real Ski Street is the latest iteration of ESPN’s “Real” Series – a contest that pits top athletes in their respective fields against one another with the hopes of putting together the best edit over the course of a 6 week period. Topping the field of six competitors to take the win, Wesson’s segment is by true to form for Will – super creative across a wide variety of features. Watch his winning entry below –

Wesson wasn’t the only LINE athlete to place well, Tom Wallisch took the top spot in the online voting contest for the Fan Favorite Award. Watch it below!

Sämi Ortlieb’s 2015 Season Edit

February 22nd, 2016 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Sämi Ortlieb’s 2015 Season Edit

Swiss skier, illustrator and pizza connoisseur Sämi Ortlieb has just released an all encompassing “best of 2015” season edit. This is definitely one of those sit down, shut up & turn up the volume edits. Enjoy.

2016/17 Preview – Next Year’s Lines Now!

January 27th, 2016 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Ski Artists & Designers

The SIA Snow Show in Denver, CO opens tomorrow where you’ll get to see all the latest and greatest coming out next winter season…but you won’t have to wait to see what we’ve got planned! Get a preview of what’s in stores next season NOW!

The Pescado by Eric Pollard, photo: Dan Brown

Eric Pollard with the Pescado in Bend, OR

For this year’s products, we continued to stay true to the original drive of making skiing More Funner, working with athletes & artists to deliver some of the most inspiring skis yet – the innovative Pescado, all-new promodel from Tom Wallisch, Supernatural 86 and the Honey Badger.

The Pescado by Eric Pollard

/pes.’ A fish that has been caught. This ski is a fish out of water! A directional surfy ski has been in the mind of EP for years. With bamboo sidewalls, Partly Cloudy Core™, a veneer topsheet with a timeless graphic, the Pescado fuses the best of surfing, art and skiing. (158-125-147 / 180cm)

Tom Wallisch w/ his new promodel

Tom Wallisch with his promodel, the Tom Wallisch Pro in Austria.

The new Tom Wallisch Pro ski is all Tom. The Early Rise™ and Early Taper™ in the tip and tail create a low swing weight that is unrivaled, while its super stable Maple Macroblock core make it sturdy enough to handle any damage that massive tabletops and 30-foot closeout rails can dish out, all while being a fun and playful ski for the entire mountain. The Carbon Ollie Band™ gives it plenty of pop so skiers can launch off kickers and onto rails with ease. At 90mm underfoot and available in three different lengths (164cm, 171cm and 178cm), this ski is the perfect size to ride anywhere. Available for younger shredders is the Tom Wallisch Shorty, a full wood core ski bearing the same graphics as the TW Pro and featuring equal height tips and tails. (117-90-112)

The All-New LINE Supernatural 86

The All New Supernatural 86

The new Supernatural 86 brings the responsiveness and stability that the Supernatural series is known for to a slimmer profiled ski. Its stable Maple Macroblock core, firm Directional Flex and centered Metal Matrix™ make this beast a solid option for a long day of frontside charging. Whether arcing turns down groomers first thing in the morning or blasting through late day crud, the Supernatural 86 can handle it all with ease.

The All-New Honey Badger by LINE Skis

The All New Honey Badger

The all-new Honey Badger is… well, it don’t give a sh*t! Made to be tough as nails, given a simple design, a bomber bamboo core and an affordable price – this package has the bit it needs to kick ass in the park, streets and entire mountain. The Honey Badger. (120-92-116)

See are full line-up be view the 2016/17 Catalog below!

BONUS: Make sure to follow “LineSkisYo” on SnapChat to see all the behind the scenes at SIA!


Traveling Circus Season 8 Now Available!

December 28th, 2015 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, LINE Traveling Circus Episodes

Fried Ice, Swiss Cheese-socks & Cold Turkey! Oh my!

Watch all your favorite films from LINE Traveling Circus Season 8 in one place! Start with Fried Ice the crew travels far & wide in China and Korea to experience new terrain, new food, & new fun followed by Swiss Cheese-socks, a jaunt thru the countryside of Switzerland & Italy – cows, pizza and other things! Return home in Cold Turkey with this Holiday Spectacular!

Making of an Urban Segment: LJ Strenio

December 8th, 2015 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Skis Reviews

Ski The East’s “Spectral 7 – Making of an Urban Segment: LJ Strenio

LJ Strenio got his start filming with Meathead Films in the East Coast ski hub of Burlington, VT, continuing to appear in many of their films over the past decade. Ski The East just dropped a behind the scenes from his last season filming an urban segement.

Go behind-the-scenes with Ski The East and Level 1 Productions as LJ Strenio and Will Wesson craft their urban segments for the Level 1 movie “Less.” When a storm hits Will’s home region of central New York, the crew works hard to build shots over the course of two grueling weeks on the road.

See the full Spectral Series from Ski The East HERE.

Get the gear to film your own segment >>

New 2016 Skis from Line!

KKMTV – Episode 5

December 1st, 2015 - Posted by danlski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News


Norwegian Karl Kristian Muggerud returns with his 5th episode in his series, KKMTV! Watch & enjoy!

The Best Skis from Eric Pollard
What is he skiing?? The Mordecai & Magnum Opus from Eric Pollard!

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