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BurrrLapz Launch Vibes and Stuff Episode 1

November 20th, 2017 - Posted by willski in LINE Skis News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

Burrrlapz Releases the First Episode of Their Series

Burrrlapz Vibes and Stuff

Vibes and Stuff is the brainchild of a handful of local Fernie, British Columbia Locals. Last year, they produced a full film that you can see here. Whether jibbing their backyard or lapping big faces, Vibes and Stuff is an unwavering beacon of individuality. Led by Dylan Siggers, Brody Mcskimming, and Powder Cover Boy Josh Mcskimming, Vibes and Stuff offers a glimpse into life in the Northern Rockies set against some classic soul tracks.


Check out the full episode from the Burrrlapz below and get stoked. Celebrate skiing with your friends. That’s what it’s all about anyway, right?

The Best “Every Day Ski” of the Year

October 31st, 2017 - Posted by willski in LINE Skis News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

Best Every Day Ski: LINE Sick Day 104

Dylan Siggers Kicks Out a Solid Left-footer at Alpental

The LINE Sick Day 104: The Best Every Day Ski of 2017

The LINE Sick Day Series came to life in 2014, and man, what a season it had. From SKI Magazine, to Powder Magazine, to Blister Review — just about every ski test known to man, for that matter — loved the ski. It offered a playful, bouncing feel, forgiving flex, and enough power to put the pedal down and rip.

But with an aggressive taper shape, the ski was relegated in many ways to the soft stuff. True, the 92 and 102 ripped on hardpack, but the ski showed it’s true colors off the beaten path, and playing around in the soft or churned up snow. And, in the years that followed, the other brands caught up. The Sick Day Collection fell from the tip of the tongue, relegated to the second or third choice on the wall, for no reason other than the massive strides made by our competitors.

Best Every Day Ski: LINE Sick Day 104

Laying in on the Sick Day 104

We also knew that we could make the ski better. We wanted to make the best everyday ski we could possibly make. And, according to just about anyone you ask, the LINE Sick Day 104 is just that.


So we went back to the drawing board, building from the ground up. Our design department sat with our crew of skiers and dreamed up a new ski. One that wouldn’t sacrifice hard snow performance yet wouldn’t dive in pow. One that would arc, blast, surf, and cut like nothing we’ve ever made before. We wanted to take the Sick Day, and make, it, well, more sick.

Best Every Day Ski: LINE Sick Day 104

Rob Heule Cuts the Tails

Starting with the attributes we liked — mainly seen on the Sick Day 102 — we retooled entirely. Tip shape, waist width, taper angle — it all got reworked. The devil is in the details, they say; and when you’ve got a couple of wizards running your development department, well, those details are all accounted for.

Still, there was something else, something that we needed to address: the weight. What if your inbounds skis were as light as your touring skis? What if, at the end of a sick pow day, your legs weren’t shot from lugging around a couple of cinderblocks on your feet?

Best Every Day Ski: LINE Sick Day 104

#LineSpringBreak17 – Dylan Siggers Showcases that Lightweight Feel

Boom, enter the Aspen Core reinforced by Magic Finger Carbon Filaments™. Suddenly, this ultra-dialed shape was paired with a featherweight core and construction. With this totally new shape and core construction, the All-New Sick Day was born — and man, are we psyched.

Best Every Day Ski: LINE Sick Day 104

Best Every Day Ski: LINE Sick Day 104

High Praise from Powder

Ski Tests

But how do you know if you’ve truly got something good? You hit the road and push it on every mover and shaker with a laptop and direct line to a magazine’s editor. You pound the pavement, get shop employees on the ski, and above all, ski the dang thing day in and day out.

And that’s precisely what we did. From Freeskier to Blister, Powder to Backcountry, and a whole host of publications in Europe — if someone tests skis, we got them to put ours through the paces. And guess what? Everyone loved them. The Sick Day 104 stood out specifically, with many testers blown away by its agility and versatility.

The Sick Day 104 hits that sweet spot — across the board. The kind of ski you can roll up and track one minute and slarve powder turns the next. The ski you grab when it snows 12 inches or hasn’t seen a recent storm in three weeks. And for Ski Tests, versatility reigns supreme.

“Immediately, I could tell a significant difference in how well the new Sick Day held an edge at speed and delivered power throughout the turn. It even smoked through the chunder at the bottom of the highly variable Dictator Chutes at Big Sky.”
– Matt Hansen, Editor-At-Large, Powder

Pretty high praise for the “Blue Ski.” But it isn’t just Powder Magazine singing the praises of the Sick Day 104. Freeskier, Backcountry, and many other publications are digging this 104-waisted everyday ripper.

Best Every Day Ski: LINE Sick Day 104

Freeskier Backs the Sick Day 104 as Well

It might be because no other ski offers the lightweight, playful feel in a package that can track and rail on hardpack. Or it might be the stability at speed thanks to the Magic Finger Carbon Filaments™. Whatever it may be, at the end of the day, the ski rips, floats, and surfs across all conditions.

So head on over to your local shop, and pick up a pair of the Best Every Day Ski you can buy: the Sick Day 104. It’s time to embrace the strange and surf the white wave like never before.

Best Every Day Ski: LINE Sick Day 104

Go Get Yours! >

Tom Wallisch and “Imagination”

October 30th, 2017 - Posted by willski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

Tom Wallisch Pays Homage to JP Auclair with his Newest Short Film from The North Face.

Remember JP Auclair’s segment from All.I.Can? It featured the legend himself ripping through the snowy streets of Nelson, BC, jibbing whatever feature crossed his path. Well, Tom Wallisch and Sherpas linked up to recreate and expand upon that famous segment with their newest joint, “Imagination.” Check it out below:



The edit itself takes the classic childhood daydreams, when you imagine what it would be like if you could shred any feature in the cities around you. Sherpa’s Cinema came in and took on the camera work, tracking Wallisch as he rolled together a heavy line of jibs, an absurd switch rodeo off a dumptruck, and even the classic JP Auclair Backflip Mute.

An edit like this is no small feat; tapping just about everyone from the local community, Sherpas pieced together an edit that not only pays tribute to the man that shaped our sport, but it also helps us remember why exactly we got into skiing in the first place.

New edit from @sherpascinema and @thenorthface ! Coming on the 29th! Get ready! #weloveyouJP – 📷 @jakedyson

A post shared by Tom Wallisch (@twallisch) on

Oh, and you get a glimpse of the rad Tom Wallisch Pro in it’s natural element. Learn more about the ski HERE. And read more about the trip on Sherpa Cinema’s Blog HERE.

LINE Traveling Circus Episode 10.1: Arizona Ice TC

October 10th, 2017 - Posted by willski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

LINE Traveling Circus Enters Tenth Season

That’s like, 50 Episodes, man!

10 Years?? Crazy! But here we are, with the first episode of the tenth season. And it also happens to be the fiftieth episode. That’s right, FIFTY episodes. Over the years, Will Wesson and Andy Parry have criss-crossed the country an absurd amount of times, consumed countless pizzas, and inspired a whole generation of skiers along the way.

Traveling Circus

From the humble beginnings passing the camera back and forth to the developed, world-traveling scope it is today, LINE Traveling Circus has cemented its place in skiing history — without abandoning the founding impulse. LTC has always celebrated the weird, the odd, and the downright strange. And Season Ten stays true to those roots.

Traveling Circus AZ

For the 50th Episode, Will Wesson, Andy Parry, and Jarrad McCarl headed south to Arizona. The Group explores the wonderful world of leisure, studies the unique flora and fauna, and skis the Arizona Snowbowl terrain park. Oh yeah, and Jarrad gets his ear pierced with a cactus needle. So without further introduction, check out the new episode!



10 Years of TC: Shane’s Favorite Shots

October 5th, 2017 - Posted by willski in LINE Skis News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

Traveling Circus hypes up it’s 50th Episode with a Special Release of Shane McFall’s Favorite Shots!

Shane's Shots

Shane McFalls, childhood friend of Will Wesson and Andy Parry, spent years traveling around with the LINE Traveling Circus as their dedicated filmer. In a lot of ways, he’s responsible for the aesthetic you’ve come to expect from LTC. From the early years traveling around in Andy’s Subaru, to the more far-flung early Euro Trips, Shane experienced it all.


But he has since moved on — Jake Strassman has taken over — to more adult like behavior. Rumor is, he’s even got a kid (possibly 2?), a 9-5, and his own house. What a nerd! With the newest TC episode on the horizon — it’s their fiftieth episode, believe it or not — we reached out to Shane to see if he could relive the old days. We asked for a short edit of some of his favorite shots. He sent over this 10 minute cut. So sit back, nerd out, and enjoy the weird, bizarre world of Traveling Circus!


LTC Season Ten Coming Soon! Watch all the episodes HERE

LJ Strenio’s 2016 Street Part

September 25th, 2017 - Posted by willski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

Running The Gamut With LJ

LJ Strenio recently sent over his full 2016 Street Part, and not surprisingly, it’s a banger. From hefty gaps, crazy rails, and some of the more tech rail tricks ever to be put down in the streets, This part is an absolute heater.


A post shared by LJ Strenio (@ljstrenio) on

Set against a high energy live track, LJ’s part shows just how hard it can be to put down a segment in the streets. Watch as LJ takes slam after slam, only to come back swinging for the make. It’s a testament to LJ’s perseverance and work ethic.

But this is nothing compared to his X Games Real Ski Segment. That segment — which earned him a gold medal — features a wild array of stunts, flip ups, and tech rails, as well. But before he had the opportunity to enter Real Ski, he had to get in. Which is why he put together this 2016 Part. Because while we never had doubts about this Vermonter’s abilities in the street, some people over at ESPN needed a little extra push to get him going. And it’s a good thing they did.

Hadley Hammer in Bolivia with Teton Gravity Research

September 20th, 2017 - Posted by willski in LINE Skis News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

High Altitude Exploration of Bolivia’s High Peaks


Last spring, as LINE skiers gathered in the rainy lowlands of Washington’s Cascades for our annual #Springbreak2017, Hadley seemed apprehensive. She had just received and invite to explore the high-altitude peaks of Bolivia alongside Sam Smoothy, Johnny Collinson, and Ian McIntosh. The mission? Tag ski lines in an unlikely — and unforgiving — landscape.

Bolivia with hadley

                                                                       READ MORE HERE


TGR went out in search of adventure. And if you believe Hadley (which, you know, we do), Bolivia provides just that. So be sure to look up Teton Gravity Research’s latest release, Rogue Elements to see the proof. And, to top it all off, Rogue Elements features Hadley destroying Jackson during one of the deepest storm cycles Wyoming has seen in recent memory.


So get psyched, watch the trailer, and find a copy of Rogue Elements. There’s a whole world out there — time to explore.




Soulmate Collection in Wired Magazine

September 18th, 2017 - Posted by Josh in Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

Wired Magazine’s David Wolman fulfilled a life-long dream of heading to South America to geek out on new gear. His story of the journey included the wildly popular LINE Soulmate 92 in a recent post about new gear being tested in South America. Full story here: TO GET AN EARLY LOOK AT NEXT YEAR’S SKI GEAR, HEAD TO CHILE

“Unless you’re skiing powder all the time, a little narrower means you’re better able to change the turning radius.”Hadley Hammer speaking about the LINE Soulmate 92.

First thing I think about when I wake up, last thing I think about when I fall asleep… Photo: @liamjski

A post shared by Hadley Hammer (@hadhammer) on

Andy Parry x The Powell Movement

Andy Parry and the Powell Movement

Mike Powell checks in with Skiing’s Resident Weirdo, Andy Parry in this week’s “The Powell Movement,” a podcast about skiing, the action sports industry, and probably too much rollerblading. To be fair, though, Mike didn’t talk about blading once in this entire episode, so that’s a win.


Listen here:

Mike and Andy dig into the life of a professional skier, the legacy of the LINE Traveling Circus, and what it’s like to be a recognizable face in a subculture that exists in even surprising places. But that’s not all; below, you’ll find Mike’s show notes.

Andy Parry Show Notes:

2:00:  Home renovations with Andy and the relevant things that have happened with Andy lately.  None are good

5:05:  The Line Traveling Circus

7:55:  Growing up in Victor, NY with a lot of change

10:00: How was school for Andy as he was a weird kid?

12:57: How does Andy get into skiing?  The I hate NY Crew and backyard skiing

16:20:  Andy’s persona on and problems with different crews

18:01:  Describing the skiing that Andy does

19:50:  Comparison to Rodney Mullen

22:11: Emo Bogart Section outlines who Andy was in High School and what he wishes he realized in High School

24:00:  Going to Green Mountain College and meeting the Meatheads, Line and meeting Mike Nick

26:30:  Pitching the Traveling Circus to Jason Levinthal, signing with Line and Season 1

30:00:  Lots of views little money.  Does he need an agent?

33:12:  Traveling the world and doing with not as much talent as the rest

35:16:  Moving to Colorado and working at Ruby Tuesdays and Pizza Hut

36:02:  Working with Shane McFalls

37:05:  Blowing his knee jumping a fence and rehab

38:18:  Strange fan encounters with The Traveling Circus and getting noticed

39:25:  Having a lot more fun than other people

40:28:  Getting a Sprinter Van,  how gross the van gets and breaking down

42:19: Channeling his inner Plake with the Tell a Friend Tour

45:07:  The lifestyle not seen on The Traveling Circus and what he doesn’t like about who he travels with .

48:13:  Wanting to be remembered as a legend

Level 1 Drops the Trailer for Their Newest Film

August 25th, 2017 - Posted by willski in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

Level 1 Presents Habit

It’s that time of year again! The days are getting shorter, and the air is a little more crisp in the morning. You know what that means: Ski Season is fast approaching. But what to do during the dark season? You know, that period of time between summer and the start of ski season. There’s not much to do but loaf around and nerd out over every iota of ski content and gear. Sound familiar? Well,We are all creatures of habit, after all.

At least there are ski movies. With Film Tours cruising around the country, you’ve got a guaranteed ski party practically every weekend. And nothing gets us more stoked than watching the annual offering from Level 1 Productions. This year, LJ Strenio, Khai Krepela, Will Wesson, Sami Ortlieb, and Rob Heule hopped in front of the Level 1 cameras. From LJ’s urban stuntery to Will’s creative approach and all the way to Sami and Rob’s envisioned pump track jib zone in Sunshine Village, LINE skiers ran the gambit of ski porn production. And we couldn’t be more stoked.

So be on the lookout for a HABIT Premiere near you. In the meantime, check out LJ’s X Games Real Street Part:


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