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Two Many Questions with Dylan Siggers

January 19th, 2017 - Posted by Dan Brown in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Too Many Questions with Dylan Siggers


It’s time for another round of “Too Many Questions,” where we’ve sent one of our athletes a list of 100+ questions and didn’t really specify which ones he or she should answer. Following Colter Hinchliffe’s Interview, we’re chatting with Dylan Siggers this time around to see what makes this Canadian tick!

Who are you? Dylan Siggers

Where are you from? Fernie, BC

How old are you? 23

What’s the first thing you did today? Cuddled with my doggy

What’s your favorite movie? T.V. show?

1. Friends
2. Seinfeld
3. Life
4. Avatar the last air bender

Favorite beverage/beer/wine/water? PBR and Hey Yalls

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Favorite non-skiing activity? MTB

What did you want to do for a profession as a kid? Be a totally sik skier dood

What is your earliest memory? Probably riding my tricycle off the deck at my parents first house.

Dog or Cat? Fish? Doggy

What was the last book you read? The Swarm, haha, I think it was about nano bots taking over the world.

Did you have a crush on any of your teachers in school? Haha nope can’t say I did

Favorite subject? (Math, English, Gym etc) Math in highschool, would probably like English more now.

What was your school mascot? A falcon, I think

Were you the geek or jock? The called us “Grinners”, short for granolas haha

Quick – answer this question (convince me it’s the right answer!)

Train A, traveling 70 miles per hour (mph), leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away. At the same time Train B, traveling 60 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford. When do the two trains meet? How far from each city do they meet?

Oh god. Like 11?


Do you believe in a higher power? Nope

If you were reincarnated, what kind of animal would you prefer to come back as? A cougar probably

When was the last time you were scared? Skiing park in whistler this summer haha

What’s on your bucket list? Play in a good band

How lucky are you and why? Insanely lucky. I have way too many awesome things in my life I shouldn’t.

Buddha and Jesus walk into a bar – who get’s thrown out first for drinking too much? Why? Uhhhhhhhh

What’s your setup? Flanel, Burrrlapz hoodie, snow pants, sunglasses, blends

Best local spot (restaurant / bar / burrito place) at your local resort? Yamagoya Sushi in town

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Top influencers growing up? Who’d you look up to? I liked War a lot. That movie was rad. I always liked JP Auclair but I don’t think my skiing or filmmaking ever drew anything from his style to be honest. But Nimbus has always been a really big influence for me. Ask anyone who knows me hahah

What keeps you skiing? The chicks, mostly….naaaaah haha

Will you ever retire? I’d never quit skiing I don’t think. I assume my focus in the ski industry will change over time but I plan to stay on the path I am now, where that leaves me I’m not sure!

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen written about you on Newschoolers (or internet)? Best thing? Haha, I can’t really recall any super mean stuff. Everyone was super nice about the whole Superunknown thing though, and that was really cool.

Safety bar up or down? Depends how fast the lift is, and if my feet hurt

Would you rather try a switch dub front flip on a mono board or tele skis? We’ve talked about this, riding switch on a mono board would be impossible. Tele skis for sure

Favorite LINE ski? (can be current or from prior years) Mordecai for sure. Dat rocker profile on fleek bruh

What’s the best trick you could do when you were 12 years old? Backflip!

What’s the best day you’ve ever had on skis? There’s like five every year. This year was Christmas holidays in Fernie. There was 4 days in a row where it felt like you could just go land on your head and it’d be chill. Best week ever

How do you setup / tune your gear to your preference? Mount skis around centre (often really crooked) give them a medium detune then ski them into the ground.

You can either spend the day in a bullet-proof terrain park or warm, wet heavy pow – which do you choose? Oh god wet heavy pow, every time.

Ever had a run in with Ski Patrol? Our first lap ever in Japan we found this amazing tree triangle night skiing and it seemed like no one had skied it all week. After a few laps of being dumb Canadians, a super Japanese man in red came and freaked the hell out. Turned out it was super not open. So we told him we were guests at the Hilton and he let us go.

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What is the worst trend in skiing? Comp skiing doesn’t have enough tricks and the bunch doesn’t have enough style… Wait is that right?

What is the best trend in skiing? Instagram videos

If you were only allowed to do 1 trick for the rest of your career on skis, what would it be? Shiftys

What’s surprised you the most about where skiing is today?

What’s the biggest backcountry (and/or general skiing) FAIL you’ve ever committed? The first time Brody put his skins on no one had ever told him how and he tried putting them on glue side out. They didn’t work so good after that hahah

Have you ever pooped yourself from falling while skiing? I wish

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? I’m a picky eater so nothing that wild. Probably some sushi thing

The weirdest place you’ve slept? I’ll sleep anywhere

How does the internet work? Yes

Why is a tennis ball fuzzy? For speed duh, actually though why are they?

You’re only allowed 3 ingredients, how to you make the following:

Hashbrowns Grated with salt and pepper

Kraft Dinner Sharp Cheddar

Tortilini with tomato sauce

You’re only allowed to live in one place for the rest of your life – where & why? Fernie cause it’s awesome

You can change one thing in the world – what is it & why? Make the weather like it was in the 50s #powdur

Would you rather be allergic to gluten or dairy? Dairy for sure, I love gluten

How long do you think you’d survive in the event of a zombie apocalypse? 0 days ha

Look at the objects in the room around you – if you were to be sent to a deserted island, which 3 objects would you bring? Im in a chilis so the liquor wall, the kitchen, and one of these comfy seats to sleep on

If you were cast in a movie, would you prefer to play the hero or villain? If it involved superpowers – what would they be? Hero, shoot lightning

You’re allowed to rename one person on the LINE team – who is it and what’s their new name? Dan Brown -> Dad

You’re offered $1000 to get the face of another LINE athlete tattoo’d on your ass – who is it & why? Do you turn it down? Remus the corgi, does that count? If not Will cause he’d hate it.

You’re told the finale of Game of Thrones (or any other popular show), do you spoil it via the internet or keep it to yourself? Game of what?

You’re the head of an internet startup – what’s the name of it and what’s it do/sell? My friends and I just had this conversation the other day. We’re gonna make a series of apps and make millions. So far that’s all we have but I’ll keep you in the loop.

You choose: Tiny, tiny hands or a very large nose. Hahahahahahah tiny hands maybe?

What’s the best way to travel? Driving

Your best memory from 2015/2016 season? Staying in a cool cabin close to Fernie with the homies. Got waaasted and went and ran around at midnight. The cabin got burned down by forestry arsonists a few weeks later

The best way to peel a banana? From the end

The best topping on pizza is: Cheese

The best country to visit is: Ive only been to like 5 but Japan is funny. Mexico is sick too

The best video game platform ever is & why?: (Sega Genesis, N64) N64, are you kidding me?


The best kind of dessert is? Cheesecake The Worst: Anything with fruit in it

What activity are you really bad at but still do regularly even though you’re awful at it? Skateboarding probably, but I’ve been sticking to tramp skating lately

What is the worst thing that’s ever happened to your rental car / hotel room? Showed up at an airport half an hour too late to get the rental car, then been refused at the only place to sleep at the airport for having a tattoo. Then taking a $250 cab to our hotel.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? Haven’t had many bad jobs but I hated dishwashing

What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had? Last summer I got a haircut and looked exactly like my mom

Where’s the worst place you’ve ever gone? Oh man. I’m not actually sure

The worst food to eat when you’re hungover?Spicy curry? Maybe?

Are you single? Big nope on that one

How could someone get a date with you? Pay for it

What’s the best pick up line? The worst? I’ve got nothing haha

Describe your dream wedding? Drunk

Who’s your celebrity crush? Male & Female. Racheal from friends

Tell me about Prom… Lots of shotgunning

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What did you do (or what have you planned for) this summer? Lots of film work, went skiing and shot an edit at momentum, MTBing, fly fishing, dog owning, working on our sick band, more film work.

If you were a DJ, what would your stage name be? Buffalo Dyl

Do you listen to music while you ski? Sometimes, mostly not

What do you listen to on the car ride to the mountain? On the lift? Classic rock, rap, country, random rock songs, blink 182


What ski film / edit / segment had the best soundtrack? After the sky falls and Sled BC

If you had the rights to any song, past or present, for your next edit/segment – what would it be? Rock and roll led Zeppelin

What song is currently stuck in your head? Say it ain’t so, Weezer

What song do you hate when it get’s stuck in your head? One dance by drake

Burrrlapz The Movie

January 16th, 2017 - Posted by Dan Brown in LINE Skis News

Burrrlapz The Movie

Here it is! Our first full length ski film. Inspired by the likes of the Wasted Youth and Cold Lampin, we at The Burrrlapz hope you enjoy the next 37 minutes of “the worst movie I ever did see!”

Directed By
Brody Mcskimming & Dylan Siggers

Supported By
Commit Snow and Skate
Line Skis
Smith Optics
Fernie Alpine Resort
Boys On Third

Primary Filming
Josh Mcskimming
Brody Mcskimming
Dylan Siggers

Additional Filming
Essex Prescott
Nick Nault
Eliel Hindert
Mikel Witlox
Peter Wojnar
Gared Schneider
Garret Knochenmus
Seth Gillis
Stirling Bell
Maurizio Von Flotow
Brody Mcskimming
Josh Mcskimming
Essex Prescott
Lucas Stal Madison
Gabe Taube
Robin Siggers
Mikel Witlox
Dylan Siggers

This movie is not to be sold or distributed for profits. This film was made with no financial support or had any budget whatsoever. Made by idiots, for other idiots who enjoy watching idiots being idiots.

Washington TC is LIVE!

October 11th, 2016 - Posted by Dan Brown in LINE Skis News, LINE Traveling Circus Episodes

Washington TC – A Film By LINE Traveling Circus

The LINE TRAVELING CIRCUS has returned for its Ninth Season with WASHINGTON TC. There’s no debate – this film will be a tremendous success. In what may be the largest cast yet, this international group of deplorables explores this great nation’s 42nd state – Washington!

Featuring: Leo Taillefer, LJ Strenio, Peyben Hägglund, Rob Heule, Khai Krepela, Will Wesson, Garrett Russell, Andy Parry, Ross Imburgia, Dylan Siggers, Jack Borland, Tucker FitzSimons, Sämi Ortlieb, Remus the Corgi, Jeff Curry & more!

Filmed on location at Summit at Snoqualmie, Stevens Pass & Mission Ridge!

“I’m living the American dream right now?” – Leo Taillefer

MORE SEASON EDITS! – Dylan Siggers

September 24th, 2015 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News


The prince of POV edits, Dylan Siggers, drops his 2015 season edit! The Fernie, BC local has a pretty good season hitting up spots throughout British Columbia (and VERMONT!) and the culmination, as shown above, is definitely worth a watch! Sit back & enjoy!

– Find out more about the Supernatural –

The hard-charging freeride collections from LINE SKIS!

Dylan Siggers Sent It At Level 1’s #SuperunknownXII

May 11th, 2015 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Our Canadian MC Dylan Siggers made his way to land of maple syrup, Vermont, for Level 1’s SuperunknownXII which was held at Carinthia, Mount Snow’s all-mountain terrain park. For those of you who don’t know what Level 1’s Superunknown is … well 1) get out from underneath that rock and 2) check it out HERE!

TL;DR? Hear it from the source:

2 years deep- the biggest, best, and most long-standing video talent search in skiing is back and better than ever!

The original video talent search contest and still the biggest and best! Started back in 2004 as a way to give talented skiers a chance to gain exposure, sponsorship, and a shot at filming with Level 1, Superunknown set out to provide an alternate route to exposure outside of the traditional competition scene. 

Over a decade later the players have changed but the game is still the same- each year Level 1 receives nearly one hundred entries from around the globe from the most skilled and talented amateurs hoping to take the coveted title. – Level 1

Among the Superunknown alumni, you can count LINE team members Tom Wallisch (’07), Niklas Eriksson (’09) &  Sig Tveit (’11) in the mix.

…but back to Dylan Siggers! Dylan killed it, on one foot & two!

Dylan does Superunknown | TWO FOOT Edition!

In the day and a half before my heel went soft on me I managed to get a few clips with the talented staff at Level 1. Heres the entirety of my shots before I became a mono skier forever!

World Heli Challenge – Vote!

August 22nd, 2014 - Posted by in Event Coverage, LINE Team News

We’ve got a couple rad dudes looking to get your vote in order to secure a spot at the World Heli Challenge. Take a look at the entries below and then head over and give ’em a vote!

Team Vacation / VOTE HERE

All Us In Winterland – Lucidity / VOTE HERE

Team Australia / VOTE HERE

About the Call Up from the World Heli Challenge:

Fourteen teams are in the chase for just two sought-after slots in the new format World Heli Challenge competition and a ‘money-can’t-buy’ ticket to 9 days of adventure including two heli-accessed backcountry competition days in the mountains around Aoraki Mt Cook and Lake Ohau in New Zealand.

Big mountain freeriding skiers and boarders from Australia, New Zealand and around the globe answered the World Heli Challenge “Call Up” sending in their “Big Adventures/Big Rewards” videos to win entry into this year’s new-look event.

One team will be chosen by a “People’s Choice” online vote earning the chance to take home the $10,000 first prize purse. The World Heli Challenge judging panel will pick the opposing team to take them on in the new head-to-head format.

“We have been blown away by the quality and quantity of entries for this first ever “Call Up”. The edits are awesome and our judges are going to have a tough time narrowing the field” said event founder and director Tony “Harro” Harrington.

“It was a big step to change up the format for the competition moving it to a team dynamic and opening up the entry online with the “Call Up” but it’s paid off and I’m stoked to see the athletes and filmers have embraced it. The entries are fun, celebrate the talents of the athletes and filmers and are super creative – it’s what the event is all about.”

Some World Heli Challenge veterans are entering to defend their titles, Sam Smoothy and Fraser McDougall have buddied up and three-time champion Will Jackways and skier Charlie Lyons with Riley Bathurst filming are in the mix also. Australian duo Watkin McLennan (Mt Buller) and Charlie Timmins (Perisher) have thrown down the gauntlet forming “Team Australia” with Joey Corcoran behind the camera. Snowboarders Jake Koia and Ryan Teine are in the hunt as are NZ clubfielders Cam McDermid and Tom Brownlee amongst others.

All “Call Up” video entries will be posted on Friday 22 August and voting will kick off here on the site at approx. 4pm NZ time/6pm AEST. Voting will close at the same time on Friday 29 August when the final votes will be tallied to determine the “People’s Choice” team to go through to the World Heli Challenge.

“The teams are frothing and stirring up their supporters to vote for them so they get to Mt Cook and have a crack at the prize money,” said Harrington. “We’ve set the polling so people can vote daily and really get behind the team they want to win.”

The two winning teams will be officially announced in Wanaka, NZ on 4 September.
The World Heli Challenge is held between 7-15 September based at Lake Ohau Lodge.

Wintertide – A Film by KSM Collective

May 20th, 2014 - Posted by in Event Coverage, LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Wintertide – A film by KSM Collective

LINE MC Dylan Siggers teamed up with Zac Moxley and Kalum Ko to compete in the Intersection Film competition during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, British Columbia. Given only seven days to shoot, edit and produce a ski and/or snowboard short film, the crew had to make sure that the resulting film contained at least thirty seconds of park footage, thirty seconds of Whistler Blackcomb in-bound terrain and be shot within 100km of Whistler and 75% of all footage must be on snow.

From KSM:

“We were given 7-days to produce, shoot and edit a 5-7 minute ski/snowboard film shot with-in 100km of Whistler.
This our film, “Wintertide”, for the 2014 World Ski and Snowboard Festival’s ‘Intersection’.

Directed by: Zac Moxley, Kalum Ko and Dylan Siggers
Produced by: Mikel Witlox, Nic Alegre, Zak Mousseau and Max Morello
Edited by: Dylan Siggers, Zac Moxley and Kalum Ko
Written by: Dylan Siggers
Narration by: Jose Picard

Athletes: Dylan Siggers, Zak Mousseau, Max Morello, Mikel Witlox, Dean Bercovitch, Alexi Godboot,
Simon Stulburg and Greyson Herdman

Supported by: Kenyon Labs, F-Stop Bags, Steph Reesor, Angela Mellor, Rory Bushfield, Logan Pehota, Alex Taylor, Nerea Bradbury and Gavin Christie

Music by: Kid Karate and Portugal. The Man”


Closing Day Burrrlapzing!

April 21st, 2014 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Closing Day Burrrlapzing!

Canadian Dylan Siggers and company (including fellow Line teammate Rob Heule) head out for closing day at Fernie Alpine Resort in this banger season ending edit.

Dylan is skiing on the 2015 Sir Francis Bacons while Rob is on the current Blend. Find your local Line shop HERE.


Puttin’ the Fun Into Big Mountain

May 15th, 2012 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

At the last stop of the Freesking World Tour in Kirkwood, Dylan Siggers made the most of the conditions with some ballsy runs that just straight up looked fun! At the end of the day, the pride of Fernie ended up taking home The Freeskiing World Tour‘s Young Gun Award.
Check his edit along with a sneak peek into next year’s REDESIGNED! INFLUENCE 115’s!

Check out the skis below! Remember, it’s never too early to figure out what you’ll ski on next year!

    • NEW! Capwall
    • NEW! Carbon Ollieband
    • NEW! Thin Tip
    • NEW! 192 Size
    • Early Ride/ Early Taper


Dylan Siggers – The Season is Ending

April 13th, 2011 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

Last week BC ripper Dylan Siggers took some time away and sent over an update/re-cap his year of cliffs, pow, comps, tours and sledding. Enjoy the story from the man himself.

Well the ski season is drawing to a close for most of B.C. and one of my favorite times of the year is just beginning. Spring brings an exciting time filled with slushy jump laps, warm weather, goggle tans and a chance to reflect on another season passing.

As the leaves fell and the cast on my arm came off it became a daily excursion to take the van down to the arena and load the trailer with snow. This year we tried to do things differently rather than sticking to the casual back-yard rail. With access to a banshee bungee and some shoveling, the town became a playground.

Then once the snow began to fall, it gave no mercy. Within 72 hours over 40 centimeters of snow had fallen in town. Making driving impossible and skiing incredible!

Its always good when you can ski on the side of the road.

Then because of the early snowfall Fernie Alpine Resort was able to open the mountain prematurely to the eager public. Some of my favorite skiers came down from kimberly and I had the pleasure to ski with them.

The following weeks brought more and more snowfall allowing us to go nuts in the Knot Chutes during the christmas break.

Then as the first and last semester of my Grade Twelve year came to a close, I missed the very last day of high school in my life to attend the Canadian Open Jr.Freesking Championships in Rossland B.C. The venue was much burlier than I had anticipated but my new Influence 115s helped me ski the way I wanted to. After it was all said and done I had emerged in 4th place. It was an excellent weekend and I couldn’t have had a better group of people to spend it with.

Shortly after skiing in Rossland, my home mountain hosted the annual Fernie Jr.Freesking Competition. I was very excited for this weekend, being on my home mountain and somewhat of a veteran I was extremely comfortable skiing the venues. After 6 years of looking to the top of the podium I finally returned barely ahead of two of my good friends Jayden Starnino and Mitch Grahm. Its always a pleasure to be on the podium with friends.

However it was not all smiles. A fellow skier, Amanda Timm, had an unfortunate fall into a tree and was carried off the course via ski patrol with a severe back injury. But she is keeping her spirits high and is staying positive.

The final competition of the year was set at Castle Mountain Resort. They hosted their first Jr.Freesking competion this year and it was incredible. The weather was great, the venues were exciting and the usual crew of amazing skiers came for the contest. Enjoying the sunny skies I watched more of my good friends display some incredible skiing.

One of these people included Graham Trentholm. I watched Graham get lost in a cliff band, spot a very minimal landing 30 feet below him, and casually air to it with a grizzly STOMP. This move was a key ingredient to his first place finish. I was inched out of 1st place and into 3rd by a mere .1 points by Keegan Capel who demonstrated incredibly smooth skiing even when sending 20 foot airs.

Between contests Fernie was being plastered. With one storm cycle bringing over 100cms in a week my new friend Jimmy and I were having the most incredible days possible.

Now after saving my money throughout the winter it was finally time for the trip Jayden Starnino and I had been planning. We decided to take the week and travel through south eastern B.C with a loose time frame. We made stops in Golden, Revelstoke, Nelson and Rossland before making it back home. One of the key parts of the trip is that we planned to film everything. So with his contour HD and my GoPro and T2i we filmed almost every run.

Here is a compilation of the best footage put in chronological order

And here we are. With only two weekends left our ski hill will be closing with a base much greater than 4 meters. There will be plenty of ski touring for the months to come I’m sure. A huge thank you to LINE and SCOTT for treating me so well, it is an honor to represent both companies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, have a great summer
Dylan Siggers

For more of Dylan’s perspective check his Skiers Union profile

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