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Neo Eight: Travels with LJ

Neo Eight: Travels with LJ

Ski the East released the season finale for their web series Neo this week and you’ll want watch LJ Strenio & Ross Imburgia drop the hammer on the East.

“The Neo season finale follows native Vermonter, LJ Strenio, for a full week of park and urban shralping around the East Coast in the spring of 2013. LJ and the rest of the crew embody the Ski The East spirit and always ‘keep the shred alive.'”

LJ and the rest of the crew embody the Ski The East spirit and always “keep the shred alive.”

Skiers: LJ Strenio, Lupe Hagearty, Tyler Duncan, Cole Gibson, Ross Imburgia

Cinematography: Geoff McDonald, Chris James, Brett Coffin, Chris DeJohn

Editing: Geoff McDonald

Animations: Zachary Allott, Ben Pacocha

Music: Yeasayer – “Reagan’s Skeleton”

Erik Olson defies convention and defines style

May 7th, 2013 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News

Erik Olson is the East Coast’s Candide Thovex, without the mittens. Beautifully angled form, hands forward, knees bent. His body always matches the power of the turn—all the time—a style only a handful have been able to achieve. Olson’s humble start, on 200-foot rope tows in Western New York farm country, bred the quiet honesty with which he has skied for years. He’s earned money to ski working in a can factory and lived in his car for 135 consecutive days at Mount Hood. He pointedly avoids promoting himself, but also landed the first switch 1080 in pipe skiing history in 2006, and has more footage in the Meathead Films archive than any other athlete. Similar to Candide, his dedication to skiing is earnest, deeply personal, and full of integrity.

This story appeared in the November issue of Powder Magazine.  

Click here to read full story.


LJ’s 12 Crazy Days of Christmas Returns!

December 21st, 2010 - Posted by in Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

That’s right, it’s back! Egg Nog chugging, backyard jibs, urban rails, polar plunging and more. Every year Line MC LJ Strenio makes his triumphant return to his homeland of Burlington, Vermont to hang with friends, family and one up his break from the year before. Last year he made it to 8 days, maybe 12 this year, who knows? The one thing you should know is you’ll be entertained beyond your wildest dreams. Happy Holidays from LJ Strenio and Co.

What went down last year:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6 & 7 Combo

Day 8

Emerald City Movie Extravaganza!

November 14th, 2010 - Posted by in LINE Skis News, Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

On November 17th at Neumos in Seattle, there will be a rare trifecta of ski & snowboard films (about as rare as a lunar eclipse) to make for one killer night! With doors open at 7pm and the first movie beginning at 8pm, the movie extravaganza will include Alterna’s new snowboarding film “Hello World”, Meathead’s new East Coast ski thriller “Work it Out” and feature Voleurz’s film “Look on the Bright Side”.


All ages are welcome for this action packed night with premieres of all three films, a product toss (including Smith goggles and Faction skis), and hand stand as well as toe stand contests.  Our friends at EVO will be pre-selling tickets for $8, or you can get them at the door for $12.   Doors open at 7pm and the first movie will begin at 8pm.  Expect appearances from some Canadian hooligans and hope to see you all there!

So next Wednesday after a long day of work/class, instead of watching TV in the dark, wind down with some films to get you hyped and ready to take on the winter with good vibes!

Before deciding to do nothing memorable on a Wednesday night, watch all three trailers. Then you can decide if you want to be lazy.

LINE Team Mixtape 2010

November 7th, 2010 - Posted by in LINE Skis News


The Line Skis Mountain Command Team is a mix of the most talented, unique and individual skiers in the world. How can a bunch of individuals be a team you ask? Their creativity is the bond that connects them, driving the voice of our brand and beating the drum of new ways to look at the mountain, the streets, backcountry and everywhere in between. We’re proud of these riders who every day bring something new to all aspects of skiing. Where there’s snow and enough room to slide on it, you’ll find Line MCs. Enjoy the edit and please purchase/download/watch the films in the list at the end to support the companies that support these riders and help push skiing to new levels.


Go ‘Work It Out’ at the Premiere!

September 22nd, 2010 - Posted by in Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

The guys over at Meathead Films are kicking off their Work It Out Tour right on Friday October 1st in Burlington on the University of Vermont’s campus. With tons of giveaways, a live DJ, poster signings and a legit afterparty that we’re sure you won’t be seeing pictures from on this blog.

Screen shot 2010-09-22 at 12.01.47 PM

Oh and if you have a mullet…. free admission! Make sure to see this one as it’s chalk full amazing skiers who just happen to use Line Skis such as Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Ian Compton, LJ Strenio, Stacey Rachdorf, Erik Olson and much more! Check out the details below:

Screen shot 2010-09-22 at 11.53.54 AM

Friday October 1, 6:30 pm

University of Vermont – Billings Ira Allen Lecture Hall (CC Theater)

University Pl, Burlington, VT

TWO SCREENINGS!  6:30pm & 9pm

As always Burlington will be the big hometown kick off to our “Work It Out” world tour! Come meet the Meatheads, get in on some athlete poster signings, and watch our latest ski flick in the action sports capital of the East to get stoked for this coming winter!  Let’s pack this out people!

Special Meathead Appearances by: The Hammer, Radio Ron, Dan Marion, Stacey Rachdorf, Ben Leoni, Jay Bowen, Asia Magriby and many more!!

• $5 at the door, and as always MULLETS GET IN FOR FREE (real or faux)

• $1000’s in raffle prizes to be won including SKIS

• Loads of FREE schwag, including stickers, posters, Clif Bars, and lots of other goodies

• Live DJ spinning beats before the show

• Afterparty at Metronome starting at 11:30pm.  90’s music, Meathead lounge, drink specials, contests on stage, and general rowdiness.  Radical.

If you haven’t had the chance, check out their latest Two Minute Workout teaser for Jersey

Meathead Films’ Work it Out

August 4th, 2010 - Posted by in Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

Meathead Films is proud to present the trailer for our 9th feature release: Work It Out.  Rest assured, this is our finest production yet showcasing many totally new locations, mind blowing skiing and of course all the humor and general shredfest you’ve come to expect from us.

You can check it out on the big screen starting at IF3 in September or at any of our 60 tour stops (locations and dates coming soon).

Make sure to pre-order up the Work It Out DVD Package complete with:

1) Work It Out DVD with over 2 hours of bonus features
2) Movie poster and sponsor stickers
3) Limited Edition Work It Out T-Shirt
4) Set of Limited Edition Kombi/ Meathead work out wristbands
5) Ski The East/ Meathead Films sticker pack


Meatheads Video Series on ESPN

June 25th, 2010 - Posted by in Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)


If you’re looking for a way to get fit this summer, you should go check out Meathead Film’s webisode series “2 Minute Workouts”. They will be exclusively on ESPN every Monday leading up to Meathead’s newest film “Work it Out” (ahh now it makes sense). Line’s own Andy Parry, Will Wesson and LJ Strenio make up this entertaining crew which will give you something to look forward on Mondays. These guys are just killing it with their arsenal of Afterbangs and Chronic Cryptonites. So go check out the first installment of “Work it Out” and make sure to stay tuned for the rest of the series on ESPN’s freeskiing blog.

Spring Powder in the….. East?!

June 15th, 2010 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

Check out the story below from Ski The East describing a perfect ending to the season. If you look close enough you can make out Line’s new Prophet 115 and Remote Pack sported by Stacey Rachdorf.

In mid-April, I was pretty bummed with the seemingly inevitable end of the ski season approaching. I had been able to manage a solid number of days on the hill, but memorable ones seemed few and far between.  As the weather sources were reporting yet another wide-spread warm-up, hope seemed to have been lost. And just like that, the East Coast came along and… totally redeemed itself! (Dumb and Dumber, anyone?)

It started with a fluke foot of snow across the higher elevations in Northern New England over the weekend of April 17th and 18th. Check out Last Hurrah’s: Wildcat. That round of snow set the stage for perfect conditions on Mt Washington’s Tuckerman Ravine. I was starting to feel a bit more content with the season.

Then, along came one of the most potent spring storms in recent memory. The snow began on April 27th and it continued to fall heavily into mid-day on April 28th. The storm was a classic upslope snowfall event – a weather phenomenon which is more characteristic in mid-winter than late spring. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service forecast read:


My porch filling up in the town of Jay
Good morning Jay Peak
Well over a foot at the base

After a nearly snowless March and April, I was shocked to be able to use the word “nuking” to describe the conditions on Tuesday evening.  While many had condemned the season weeks before, there were a handful of others out there hungry for some late-season pow.  Of course, Meathead Films El Presidente Geoff McDonald was one of the first to come knocking. We met up at Jay Peak that evening in near disbelief. The Weather Channel was calling for the heavy snow to continue through the following morning before tapering to flurries and eventually clearing in the late afternoon.

Just as we hoped, we woke up early and were greeted by near white-out conditions. The good folks at Jay Peak made the decision to open the mountain for an extended final weekend of skiing from Thursday April 29th through Sunday May 2nd; but Wednesday was looking to be best day to gather some freshies. We made our way to the mountain and caught up with Meathead athletes Stacey Rachdorf and Asia Magriby. The Stateside parking lot had a handful of skiers gearing up to earn their turns.  We skinned through a well-cut skin track to the top of the Bonaventure Quad amidst steady snow and a silent mountain.

Asia and Stacey ready to hike

Click HERE for the entire story including deep powder and a peek at the Prophet 115.

The Meat, Head Far East

April 5th, 2010 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

Words, Photos and Video Stills by Geoff McDonald. Article originally found on

The idea had been floating around the Meathead Films offices for several years now.  How about bringing back travel segments to our movies to places outside the East?  Our earliest movies featured destinations like Utah and Whistler, but we knew that doing it now, it would have to be to someplace special.

What better spot than Japan?  Hokkaido…The North Island…The Far East.  And so it was decided (and plane reservations confirmed just 7 days prior to leaving) that we would travel to the other side of the world with East Coast homegrown’s: Dan Marion, LJ Strenio and Sean Decker.  What did we find 10,000 miles away?  Well, to be honest, terrain, trees, and snow very similar right here in New England.  Just imagine Stowe or Jay Peak covered in birch forests with annual snowfalls of about 800″.  Sound good?  It was…

Geoff carrying 200lbs. of gear (we weighed it). No wheels on any luggage. HUGE mistake

Marion lost in translation
forced our way into the taxi cab. did not take “no room for skis” for an answer!

So here’s the skinny on what went down in short form:

• Dan and Geoff drive to Boston on Feb. 16, arrive 1:00am
• Sleep at friends house for 3 hours, catch cab to Logan airport at 4am, flight leaves for Chicago, 6am
• layover in Chicago, 13 hour flight to Tokyo, meet up with LJ and Sean
• 2 hour flight to Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island
• 45 minute train ride with all our gear to Sapporo
• smash our gear into a taxi cab after much confusion and make our way to first night in hotel after 30+ hours of travel
• Tatsuya Tayagaki, from Bravoski Magazine, miraculously shows up and we’re saved!  He’s our local guide and translator for the trip.  Plus he’s a sick skier to film with
• Grab rental van in morning and head out for first day of skiing
• It’s dumping outside, tends to do that a lot in Japan, everyone is pumped
• First day, we only get to ski for a few hours, is ridiculously rad and everyone is slaying and getting shots
• Takahiro Nakanishi is firing off the photos

Dan sessioning the right hand driving
Decker stomps a 180 of a cornice
If this was at Sugarloaf it would have had 100 tracks on it by 9am
LJ is not just a park skier. Seen here slaying a pillow line
large pillow. if only we had the time we could have built jumps up to all of these!

Marion and Decker, first day, stoked
That just happened…
slash a la Marion
Decker finds the goods!
Marion in pillow land

Brief break here to comment on the food in Japan which anyone who ever travels there has stories about.  Because we lived out of small hotel rooms for most of the trip, the local Seicomart (like a SevenEleven) was literally our bread and butter everyday.  Dan, Sean and LJ lived off sushi triangles for awhile before they got too sick of them and everyone experimented with various sweet breads, bean goop and of course we ate a ton of chocolate which was the most recognizable thing on the shelf.  I went to the grocery store to buy a tub of peanut butter which I was craving and found an aisle filled with what seemed to be PB in plastic containers and pictures of kids playing on them.  I couldn’t read the Japanese text.  I spent $6 on the biggest tub.  Well to sum it up, it was NOT peanut butter, and after I got back to the hotel to spread it on my bread I discovered it was miso soup concentrate, which tastes like hardened soy sauce.  Don’t be fooled if you go to Japan, it looks EXACTLY like peanut butter!

life on the road, in a van, with food
Geoff enjoys nothing better than a Pucca (pronounced puke-a)

John Strenio picks out his meal
What?! Marion finds his family’s crepe chain restaurant all the way in Japan!


• Snow got better and better everyday and we sessioned one region for the first 6 days of the trip
• Deep powder, pillows, cornices, tree bonks and we built a big ‘ol jump
• Met up with Wataru another local photographer for a few days who has the best laugh of anyone I’ve ever heard
• Filming and skiing was going too good to be true and the crew was banging out all the goals for the trip
• True to form, it WAS to good to be true and in typical East Coast fashion a significant thaw was projected on the weather horizon
• Trying not to panic, we quickly made use of our final cold day (on the backcountry jump)
• Celebrated our first week’s success in Sapporo with Kuro Kuro Sushi dinner (conveyor belt), karaoke and too many beverages
• Next day attempted to outrun the thaw by heading north into the heart of Hokkaido but to no avail, rain came, destroyed
• Made use of our rainy day building a tree jib in the mash potato snow
• Left the North country and headed back into Sapporo to say goodbye to Sean Decker who had to bounce a few days early
• Snow in the forecast we charged down to Niseko area with renewed energy!
• Got the hook up at the Hilton hotel which was amazing and finally got to chow down on some American style food
• Noticed the overabundance of Aussie’s in Niseko which creates a bit of a bro-town atmosphere
• Gawked at the out-of-bounds terrain at Niseko which looks incredible but is strictly off limits
• Sessioned some roadside attractions
• Got lucky on the last 2 days with about 40cm of snow and some sweet pow days to end the trip

LJ the gaper being left behind
Tatsuya and Taka represent
Uber zone
Day at the fish market in Sapporo
Marion skies a ridiculous 7
Nothing slashes as good as the K2 Hellbents. Decker demonstrates…

Dirt for the Gobi desert can get deposited on top of the snow during high winds
Night out in Sapporo! Karaoke with the locals later…
Kuro Kuro Sushi master

All in all a hell of an experience and one that should make a entertaining segment in our upcoming film.  Hopefully the images will bring some fresh flavor to the movie and open a new chapter for Meathead Films.  For those East Coasters that are worried about our loyalty to the region, have no fear, we’re back at home busy hiking the Whites, driving to New Jersey and gearing up for mogul season.  Do it up!
Huge thanks to Tatsuya for all his help in coordinating the trip and getting some of the best powder footage, the trip would not have been possible without him.  Thanks to Taka and Wataru for taking all the pics.  Thanks to the ski resorts for the tickets and to the Niseko Hilton for the incredible place to stay!  Thanks to my wife, Jen, for not leaving me after being on the road for a month and most of all thanks to Dan, LJ and Decker for slaying it!

LJ runs his own escort service in Niseko apparently
Introducing himself to the trees, LJ strenio – mute stall
I don’t know what this says but it’s sweet
Mt. Yotei from the top of Annapuri. Not to be too lovey dovey, but it was breathtaking
Kutchan, among the snowiest towns in the world
LJ with the banger shot of the trip. Huge river gap with style

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