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Win Skis by Watching Nimbus Videos

May 22nd, 2013 - Posted by josh in LINE Skis News

CLICK HERE to have a chance at winning a pair of Mr. Pollard’s Opus by Eric Pollard skis from evo and Nimbus Independent! Contests ends: May 31st so don’t delay!

En Route Sled BC

December 5th, 2012 - Posted by newgard in LINE Skis News

En Route Sled BC follows Chris Benchetler, Andy Mahre and Line’s very own Eric Pollard on a snowmobile access trip to British Columbia, Canada. The crew skis in full on snow storms and blue bird conditions on some of the best terrain North America has to offer.


En Route Sled BC from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.


En Route Arlberg

November 9th, 2012 - Posted by newgard in LINE Skis News

Nimbus Independent has released it’s newest and greatest webisode: En Route Arlberg!

Enjoy watching EP skiing his Opus with the Nimbus crew as they travel to Arlberg, Austria!!!


En Route Arlberg from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.

Eric Pollard – Nimbus’ En Route ‘Approach’

April 5th, 2011 - Posted by josh in LINE Skis News

No doubt we’ve enjoyed all of Eric Pollard‘s Nimbus films, but there was something about ‘Approach’ that stands out from the rest. Maybe it was the ‘family trip’ feel to Europe or the perfectly selected music, amazing cinematography or the ridiculous powder slashes; whatever it was we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We weren’t alone either. Instead of us saying what we think, here’s our top 5 comments from Newschoolers on ‘Approach’:






So if you haven’t seen it yet, please do yourself a favor. Clear your schedule for the next 39 minutes, get comfy and enjoy the show!

While it’s loading check below from some behind-the-scenes images and descriptions with words by Erin Valverde Pollard and photos by Erin Valverde Pollard, Justin Wiegand, Eric Pollard, Ike Smith & Chris Benchetler.

Eric and Chris went to Silverton in January. This is the cabin they stayed at.

Major amateur hour with the guns. Two first-timers.

Nighttime at the cabin consisted of surf and turf, fireworks, guns, and Ike’s night terrors keeping Chris and Eric awake.

Eric, Erin, and Justin all traveled to Europe to meet up with Roman Rohrmoser to ski Italy and Austria in February.

We were lucky to meet the Rohrmoser family and stay in their amazing B&B. They hooked us up big time! Nice rooms, fresh homemade apple pancakes, and good snow!

We had two BMW X1s to drive around for the whole month we were in Europe! These cars are amazing! They talk to you too!

Roman in front of an orange wall.

Espresso was a daily for the Nimbus crew.

It was an eight-hour drive from Austria to Italy. We saw lots of scenic roads through the Alps. Castles, castles everywhere! Goes pretty fast when you are driving one of these.

Eric and Roman filming the town of Courmayeur, Italy.

We stayed at an amazing B&B in Courmayeur with views of the mountains, unique stone rooftops and fresh croissants and fruit in the morning.

Here is a view from our private deck at La Grange.

Another view from the hotel…looming Mount Blanc.

We ate at this tiny little restaurant called Petit Bistrot almost every night. The menu is amazing and the people are very hospitable!

Inside Petit Bistrot having wine with the crew.

Eric Justin and Roman took some little sleds out one night and raced down the snow covered cobble stone streets. Might have been some schnapps involved…

Eric at La Baita hotel and restaurant at the base of the Courmayeur ski lifts. They always have such great lunch and espresso. We will be back for sure!

Inside La Baita, Alo our photographer had a gallery of his photos. A lot of them were from the last trip we went on to Italy. Here is Eric posing by one of the photos of him.

A shot looking down at the Valley…beautiful place!

Going up one of the many gondolas at Courmayeur. So many epic lines to do!

Eric and Roman hiking to their lines. They did a lot of this.

Eric and Roman posing for the camera with Mount Blanc in the distance.

Eric skiing one of his lines after touring out to the zone just before dark.

Mt. Blanc is massive! Look at little Weewolf-Wiegand in the bottom left.

The skiers on the heli day…Davide, Raffa, Roman and Eric.

Nice spines to ski, always rushing the light.

Eric pointing to the zone.

Back in Austria…Wiegand filming Erin filming Eric on the backside of Zillertal.

Hiking up to the cross at Zillertal Arena…some of the best terrain around the Alps.

Eric filming Roman for the interviews.

Erin filming and taking photos.

And now, Nimbus Independent presents En Route Approach…

EPOV Series by Line Skis

March 10th, 2011 - Posted by in Ski Artists & Designers

Last spring we climbed a mountain, sat legendary skier Eric Pollard on a rock and pointed a camera at him and said go. See into the mind of a skier who has revolutionized the equipment we use as well as the way we watch ski videos. Listen in on Eric Pollard’s point-of-view.

Part 1 – Nimbus Independent – Eric explains his reasoning for straying from the norm of a professional skier’s filming habits and they ways it’s been presented.

Part 2 – Skiing Style & Technology – EP talks about how far skiing has come from long, straight skis that plow through powder to the smooth fluid motions of backcountry freestyle skiing of today. To see the latest skis from Eric Pollard, check out the EP Pro, Sir Francis Bacon and EP Pro Shorty

Nimbus’ Thank You

January 5th, 2011 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

We should be saying thank YOU Eric Pollard and the rest of the Nimbus crew. Eric Pollard has been an innovator from the beginning, in front of and behind the camera (as well as the editing computer). Enjoy the new En Route movie!

Thank You from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.

Thank You is exactly what the title states; a thank you to everyone who watches Nimbus.

Thank You begins by interviewing individuals from every walk of life about how they predict the winter. The movie then recaps the best of the last three years of Nimbus. Enjoy!

Nimbus Independent was started in 2007 by Eric Pollard in collaboration with Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, and Chris Bencheter. The four like minded skiers began Nimbus to bring a different perspective to the world of ski movies.

For more please subscribe on Vimeo and visit:

LINE Team Mixtape 2010

November 7th, 2010 - Posted by jonfewster in LINE Skis News


The Line Skis Mountain Command Team is a mix of the most talented, unique and individual skiers in the world. How can a bunch of individuals be a team you ask? Their creativity is the bond that connects them, driving the voice of our brand and beating the drum of new ways to look at the mountain, the streets, backcountry and everywhere in between. We’re proud of these riders who every day bring something new to all aspects of skiing. Where there’s snow and enough room to slide on it, you’ll find Line MCs. Enjoy the edit and please purchase/download/watch the films in the list at the end to support the companies that support these riders and help push skiing to new levels.


Nimbus En Route: NOMADS!

October 9th, 2010 - Posted by josh in LINE Skis News

If you find yourself this fall stuck in front of your computer, checking weather patterns hoping for early snow, wishing you could fast-forward time to the first big dump…. then maybe you should go check out Nimbus to keep you busy until the white stuff starts falling.

See there’s this pretty good skier named Eric Pollard, he’s kind of an up and comer, who has put together a tribe of skiers who travel around getting amazing footage of whatever they’re doing. Check out this group of Nomads doing their thing below and on the Nimbus site.

Who knows, maybe when you’ve watched all of the videos it’ll be time to ski!?!

Here’s the latest En Route: NOMADS!

En Route Nomads from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.

Check out a little behind the scenes action with these shots!

Quite Symbolic for this Crew

The Visionary Mr. Eric Pollard

The Crew

Early bird get the powder

Early bird get ths powder

Hiking for those Turns

Bacons in the Morning

No new snow = PAINTBALL!

No new snow = PAINTBALL w/GoPros!

the battlefield

the battlefield

insert own sound effect

insert own sound effect

Double Fisting

Double Fisting

more down time = serious Wii carnage

more down time = serious Wii carnage


Sled Time

Getting there is half the fun

Getting there is half the fun


Ike reppin' 130s

Pollards taking a break

Pollards taking a break

Pollard and Pep

Chris in Canada

Anthony Boronowski in Canada

Andy huckin in NV

Andy throwing down in a Tree Graveyard

Benchetler slashing in Canada

Survival of the fittest

Nature on the road

For making it the end of the post… sit back and enjoy our favorite classic: IDEA!!!

Idea from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.

Spring Update from EP

April 20th, 2010 - Posted by julie in LINE Skis News

This post was originally found on What’s your story?

ep-spring (6)

Winter is not over. I have been chasing storms all over the west coast for the past two weeks.

ep-spring (3)

Mt. Shasta on the way home to Oregon from Nevada. A little eye candy for the 12 hour journey.

ep-spring (2)

In & Out also makes the adventure that much better.


My sled fell off the trailer on the way up the access road. It was nearly fatal for the five year old.

ep-spring (5)

Without snowmobiles we wouldn’t be able to go 15 miles into the backcountry, but it’s a love hate relationship.

ep-spring (4)

Downhill turns are the best.

ep-spring (1)

Still have to hike a bit to get the goods

ep-spring (7)

A little through the trees action.

Finally here’s a little Nimbus Point & Shoot Edit I made recently. Check out for more That’s it for now, have a great spring!


En Route Departure LIVE!

March 22nd, 2010 - Posted by julie in LINE Skis News


En Route Departure is Eric Pollard‘s first installment of the year of the En Route Series by EP’s film production company, Nimbus Independent.  Skiing everywhere from a North American military base, to Monte Bianco in Italy watch the short preview here and DOWNLOAD the full length 40 minute movie filled with more flips, spins, switch pow landings, riding and fun than you can shake a stick at.

this edit is a short version of our full length 40 minute film titled “en route departure”.  if you like the edit you will really like the full length movie.  en route departure documents two months of travel with the nimbus crew.  everything that goes with a ski trip is portrayed in this movie; amazing powder, terrible conditions, airports, road trips, culture, etc.  the en route series is an attempt to depart from the norm of ski film making.  instead of jump after jump, en route departure is about the people, places and skiing along the way.  ian cosco, bene mayr and christian sirianni  join the original nimbus crew: pep fujas, eric pollard chris benchetler and blake nyman for a great adventure.



The full length version will be available for download only at:

Point and Shoot is a new video blog series available only at Point and Shoot explores the perspectives of each Nimbus crew member throughout the entire year. Each movie is skier filmed and edited.

Nimbus crew in Rome, Italy. Two days of walking Rome right after 24 hours of travel time. Amazing!

Eric, Ian and Wiegand posing in front of the walk to the Vatican. Notice the smart car driving by! Believe it not, but they have even smaller cars than the smart car in Italy!

Inside the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica. You feel so tiny in this Godly building. This photo doesn’t do the size justice. Did you know the Vatican City is it’s own country? We walked around the entire country in an hour.

The walk to the Vatican. This statue was on the bridge in front of Ponte Sant’ Angelo. We stayed in a hotel right near this statue, key location.

Eric filming the Vatican courtyard.

We missed the cut off time to get inside the Coliseum. At least we got to watch the sunset just outside.

The lights come on at night on most of the monuments. It’s great for night strolls with some stops for wine, pasta and gelato!

We went to a hot spring in Courmayeur that was called Pre-Saint-Didier. Its at the base of Monte Bianco. So relaxing, although if you decide to go watch out for Italian PDA!

Here is all of us in the hot spring. Nice and steamy!

Nimbus Crew after a night of delicious pasta! The guy driving is our Italian guide and skier, Martino Valle.

Same night turned into a MAJOR snowball fight! Here is Wiegand getting a shot at the other car with the rest of the Nimbus crew.

Eric in the gondola at Courmayeur.

Eric on a house jib at the end of the trip. We had so much snow during the time we were in Courmayeur. We pretty much had a foot of snow every night!

Chilling at the hotel, drinking wine.

We were in Cervinia at the base of the Matterhorn for a few days. The snow wasn’t the best so we moved to Courmayeur.

Italian food has to be the best food in the world! This was at a hole in the wall pizzeria where the tables were packed so tight you could hardly get in your seat, but it was worth it for the food and wine!

This was the staircase to get us to the Sistine chapel. We were not able to take photos inside where the famous Michelangelo paintings are. It’s a sacred place…even talking is prohibited.

Powder. Powder. Powder in Italy! Nothing better. Here is Eric in the freshies.

Here is Torino, Italy from a lookout spot that Alessandro took us…our Italian photographer from the trip. This is where he lives.

Alessandro took us to his family’s house for a home cooked meal. It was amazing! This is his photo at his home studio.

Ok, shifting to Mammoth, California. This was taken at our condo that we booked through 101 Great Escapes. Super nice ski-in, ski-out at Chair 15 at Mammoth. It was epic snow with an epic place to stay.

Eric and Blake at our secret mountain warfare zone. We had amazing weather after a huge storm cycle of 5 feet in three days!

Pep and Eric sitting on one of Mother Earth’s beauties! And to the right Blake and Pep getting ready to hit this monstrosity.

Nimbus crew on top of a jump spot and to the right Eric letting slough fly.

Pep chilling out after a day of jumping. Photographer Abe Blair in the background.

Pep feeling out the snow.

Eric doing a Rodeo off a natural Jump. Natural take-off’s were a recurring theme for this location.

Eric filming some scenic on the highway to Mammoth.

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