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The Skis of the Year! 2017 LINE SKIS

September 9th, 2016 - Posted by Dan Brown in LINE Skis News, LINE Team News, Ski Artists & Designers

LJ Strenio, LINE SKIS Chronic Ski

Drop In, Join In – 2017 LINE SKIS

For 21 years our door has always been open, welcoming every skier and any idea; never denying or dismissing. This is what has kept us young and progressive. Our ranks have grown, our gear has expeanded and change has been constant in our never ending pursuit of our goal from the beginning – to make skiing more funner.

For 2017, we’ve continued to stay true to the original drive of making skiing More Funner, working with athletes & artists to deliver some of the most inspiring skis yet – the innovative Pescado, all-new promodel from Tom Wallisch, Supernatural 86 and the Honey Badger.

WATCH & LEARN: The All New Pescado from Eric Pollard & LINE

/pes.’ A fish that has been caught. This ski is a fish out of water! A directional surfy ski has been in the mind of EP for years. With bamboo sidewalls, Partly Cloudy Core™, a veneer topsheet with a timeless graphic, the Pescado fuses the best of surfing, art and skiing. (158-125-147 / 180cm)

Tom Wallisch w/ his new promodel

Tom Wallisch with his promodel, the Tom Wallisch Pro in Austria.

The new Tom Wallisch Pro ski is all Tom. The Early Rise™ and Early Taper™ in the tip and tail create a low swing weight that is unrivaled, while its super stable Maple Macroblock core make it sturdy enough to handle any damage that massive tabletops and 30-foot closeout rails can dish out, all while being a fun and playful ski for the entire mountain. The Carbon Ollie Band™ gives it plenty of pop so skiers can launch off kickers and onto rails with ease. At 90mm underfoot and available in three different lengths (164cm, 171cm and 178cm), this ski is the perfect size to ride anywhere. Available for younger shredders is the Tom Wallisch Shorty, a full wood core ski bearing the same graphics as the TW Pro and featuring equal height tips and tails. (117-90-112)

The All-New LINE Supernatural 86

The All New Supernatural 86

The new Supernatural 86 brings the responsiveness and stability that the Supernatural series is known for to a slimmer profiled ski. Its stable Maple Macroblock core, firm Directional Flex and centered Metal Matrix™ make this beast a solid option for a long day of frontside charging. Whether arcing turns down groomers first thing in the morning or blasting through late day crud, the Supernatural 86 can handle it all with ease.

The All-New Honey Badger by LINE Skis

The All New Honey Badger

The all-new Honey Badger is… well, it don’t give a sh*t! Made to be tough as nails, given a simple design, a bomber bamboo core and an affordable price – this package has the bit it needs to kick ass in the park, streets and entire mountain. The Honey Badger. (120-92-116)

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LINE at SIA2014

February 12th, 2014 - Posted by in Event Coverage, LINE Skis News

The 2014 SIA Snowshow just wrapped in Denver and we’re showing off what’s in stores later this year including the all new Magnum Opus and Supernatural series.


Magnum Opus

Mag•num Opus from the Latin meaning “great work,” refers to the largest, and perhaps the best, greatest, most popular, or most renowned achievement of an artist.

From Eric Pollard’s brain comes an impossibly light powder ski with futuristic materials and over 15 years of powder ski development behind it.

“The goal of the Magnum Opus was to create a ski that had the same all mountain performance as the Opus, but with increased float. I approached the design with a few ideas on how to accomplish that; larger waist, longer length, and a new tip outline & profile”

– Eric Pollard

The Supernatural Series

The formula for freeride fun is here. Take the industry’s first, mix in proven weight savings technology, freeride specific geometry in a collection of widths for any condition on Earth.

It’s time to make some new friends who can keep up

The Supernatual Series incorporates a full height & lenght 80 durometer Elastomer sidewall over the edges to absorb vibration & shock for a smooth solid ride.

View Our 2014/15 Catalog

Our 2015 Gear on the Interweb!

Newschoolers SIA Review

Photos from the Insta-Selfie Taking Machine.

View the Full Gallery Here

Will impersonated animals for Freeskier Magazine.*

*and talked about his recent filming with Level 1 & weather woes

You can pick up next year’s 2015 Sick Day 95 at the following retailers HERE!*

Blister Awards

Check out the 3rd Annual Blister Awards from SIA 2013

Line Skis was awarded in 3 different categories this year

• The “Thank You For Not Screwing Up A Good Thing” Award •

Mr Pollards Opus

• Favorite Person We Talked to at SIA •
Jed Yeiser – Line Skis Engineer


• The “No Brainer” Award •

Sir Francis Bacon will be available in 190cm length for 13/14


For the full story, click here

Sick Day Show Stopper at SIA

The all new Sick Day 110 received SKI Magzine Show Stopper award for Best of SIA!

“The Sick Day 110 is the key model in Line’s all new Sick Day series of light-weight, directional skis. A soft-rockered tip and and a stiff, slightly-rockered tail, should add up to fun for non-switch skiers. These skis feature awesome graphics by Seattle-based artist Derek Muscat and lots of input from Line athlete Eric Pollard.”

Start saving up your Sick Days now!!!



Peek into the Future: 2011 Line Products at SIA!

January 29th, 2011 - Posted by in LINE Skis News

Unless you’re in the industry, live in Denver or work at the Convention Center you probably haven’t seen next year’s products from Line at SIA. Well thanks to you get to take a peek into how Line is staying one step ahead of the future. Be warned as you will want them now but you’ll have to be patient as this stuff won’t be in stores for a while. Enjoy!

Check out more pics and a video of next year’s Line product as well as all other brands HERE.

SIA Snowshow Booth 3656

January 28th, 2010 - Posted by in Propaganda (Line in the News & Media)

Here’s a little gallery of what Line has been up to the last few days. From shredding the wheat paste rollers to slaying the TV mounts we’re ready to start the tradeshow. If you’re attending please come check out what we have. If you’re not, here’s some pics!

Walking to the show...

Walking to the show...

Big bear looking in at our skis!

Big bear looking in at our skis!

Jason sawing something...lots of sawing goes on at the Line booth

Jason sawing something...lots of sawing goes on at the Line booth


Max Hill in yo face!

Jason showing us how it's done

Jason showing us how it's done

Josh agro about long hours and frustrating lighting problems...or jsut saying we're #1

Josh agro about long hours and frustrating lighting problems...or jsut saying we're #1

Up close Afterbangs

Up close Afterbangs

Freeride wall for all you big mtn riders out there...

Freeride wall for all you big mtn riders out there...

A new edition to the award winning family..welcome 115

A new edition to the award winning family..welcome 115

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