It was my first time to South America. Argentina is a beautiful country, with an amazing history and culture. Growing up I knew of the country through Maradonna; my favorite soccer player.

the man himself. you tube him.

This shot was taken in the streets of Buenos Aires, sick mural. Soccer is still supreme in Argentina.

Buenos Aires from the air, on the way to Bariloche.

erin and chris, hurry up and wait is a game you have to learn when traveling.

Like North America, Argentina operates on a 24 hour day. I have no idea what this shop is going for.

This is a photo of Abe Blair and I. He was the photographer for the trip. Abe and I have been shooting photos together since i was 16. He doesn’t shoot skiing much (mostly a snowboard photog), but he was forced to on this trip, ha ha. The crew consisted of 3 pro side-sliders: Austin Smith, Josh Dirksen, and Leane Pelosi. Chris Benchetler and I made up the skiers, Abe Blair was the photog, with Liam Gallagher also taking stills. Erin, my wife shot video and Randy Torcom the Dakine team manager came along to direct the shoot. Awesome crew.

We went from summer directly into winter, check out the frost after a 30 minute hike to a zone called Numis, which we tried to re-name NImbus.

Chris sporting the same look with an extra eyebrow frost.

Erin putting her new Helly Hansen Down jacket to the test, super cold. We got fresh snow
almost every day. Check out all the powder in the trees.

The tree skiing is amazing in Bariloche. We stayed with SASS (south america snow sessions), they
kill it. If you want to ride powder in the middle of the summer go to SASS. Here is Austin in a tree,
he fell. I have it on film. Ill release the video soon.

We were shooting for Dakine, so most of the shoot took place in the trees with flashes. Got some really sick images. But they are

ok here is one.

After skiing we cruised around Bariloche, great city. Reminded me a lot of Lake Tahoe. Shot a lot of photos around town for the Dakine luggage.

This is a Toyota Hilux, a perfect size diesel truck. They are rad, i want one. North America is one of the only places in the world you cant buy one.

We linked up with Garrett Russell at SASS. He is the perfect USA/Line Skis ambassador. He is the man.

I also met a ton of cool kids from Argentina who were riding line skis, like Santi here.

This clock is in the center of Cerro Catedral, the ski area we rode at everyday. The skier in the photo is riding Elizabeths, boo yah!
Line also sponsors the local freeride school. Nice.

Check out the lake in the background. Leane packing out a take off for our goal post. Sick!

Very rare spotting of the goggles the old man is sporting. You may recognize them from Dumb & Dumber.

Foreign toilets are interesting.

Here is our Dakine TM Randy.

Here we are in Buenos Aires making shadow people. Sad we had to go home.