Will on hill

Will: This summer has been great!  In June I was planning on doing whatever I could to stay and ski all summer at Mount Hood.  I was expecting camping, couches, and ramen noodles.  Luckily, with only a few weeks before heading north from Mammoth (TC Episode 9) I was presented with an opportunity to work at Windells Ski and Snowboard Camp.  Needless to say, I was stoked and jumped on the opportunity right away. At the end of May, I caravanned north with coaches Ahmet Dadali and Ashley Battersby to start working.

At Windells my job duties included: driving vans full of campers to the mountain everyday, working as a counselor in between sessions, and helping out as a coach during busy sessions.  As summer rolled along I kept thinking how incredibly boring it would have been to be home in Western New York…

Huge thanks to Jeremiah and Sean for making my summer infinitely better.


Andy: After living out of my car in Mammoth for several weeks I was ready for rest and relaxation back home.  Less than a week later I was sick of New York and I still had two months until TC week at Hood.  So I focused on cutting grass and not stepping in cow poop till it was time to fly out and go skiing.

Session 5 was the Traveling Circus session and the entire LINE skis office staff came out to ski at Windells. Eric Pollard came out to ski for a few days and helped give away dozens of pointy sticks with grips, skis and other swag. I even got lucky and invited to coach the last session of camp.  Oregon gets more fun every year and can’t wait to go back next summer.

nice sign placement!

Shane (TC Camera Guy): Filming with Will & Andy at Mount Hood was exactly where I left them last summer so it was a pretty familiar feeling when I landed mid-day in the hectic Portland airport. The only difference this time was Will & Andy’s newfound “fame.” Is fame the right word? Probably not.

In textbook Traveling Circus style the next few weeks would be filled with the same struggles for rides, food, lift tickets and places to sleep.

Three weeks of July summarized: Erik Olson is the ultimate ski bum, the Oregon coast is awesome even though we all are horrible at surfing and Ian Compton had the best haircut while Andy had the worst. Plus days filled with skiing, camping, eating, sleeping and cramming into Ahmet’s tiny chick car.