Landing her first cover, MC Molly Baker graces the front of Backcountry Magazine this month. Congrats to Re Wikstrom for capping the shot and Molly for putting in that nice slash on her Pandoras. Here’s the story behind the cover shot as told by Molly Baker as well as a video from the days she was up at Baker shooting:

“Yes, the sky was really this blue when Re Wikstorm and I got this shot last year at Mt. Baker in January. I flew up to Washington on a whim to meet up with Re and Grant Gunderson. Famous for world record snowfall, this place doesn’t offer many blue days. This was the first day I could see all of the peaks around the resort. Our first shot of the day after hiking an hour or so into the Mt. Baker backcountry, we worked alongside Grant and his athlete on this sunny, steep ridge. I watched the first guy go and then dropped in as fast as I could, easily pushing through the snow with my Pandora’s. It wasn’t just this time, choking on snow on a bluebird day in the backcountry, but a combination of a few days, turns, and lines, that made me quit my bartending job in Salt Lake and extend my trip for another five weeks.” – Molly Baker

Molly Baker - Backcountry

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