It was only a few years ago that Will and I were walking around the Ski Company sale in Rochester NY looking for good deals and getting pros autographs. Crazy how things have changed and somehow this year both of us had our own posters, table, and black sharpie markers for signing autographs. In the mist of the area’s biggest Ski and Snowboard sale Will and I set up shop under the Line tent for Friday night and Saturday answering questions like “Who are you?” , “What the hell is Traveling Circus?” and of course “Why are the back of those skis turned up?”. Fortunately Will and I had all the answers, and over the course of two days may have even convinced some people to go home and watch  Traveling Circus.

All in all it was a great time, we made some shy kids go hit on a group of girls with the flawless opening “How much does a polar bear weigh?”, signed a bunch of autographs, yelled at kids to buy Line stuff (believe it or not it worked) and even got our own limited edition poster. Thanks to everyone that at the sale, everyone who came out, Rene for being a kick ass Line rep, and the Ski Company for inviting us.