After Windells Camp ended, we flew home to the east coast and the realization of summertime set in.  Something must be done.  Astroturf and PVC rails in the backyard wasn’t going to cut it…

…So we drove 8 hours to Virginia?

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The home state of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson boasts two of North America’s most epic destinations for snowless skiing.  After a night of camping, we headed over to Bryce Resort for some grass skiing.  Grass skiing feels some what like rollerblading in grass, but there are no wheels, just a track(like on a tank or snowcat) that is oiled and rotates around a center metal piece.  How do you stop? It can get interesting.  After some weak attempts at tricks on the grass skis, we decided to go all out for the most extreme day possible.

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We drove south a few hours to Liberty University, home of the first snowflex center in North America.  It’s been years of seeing dryslope pictures from Europe, thinking how awesome it would be to ski year round.  Finally, at long last, we had the chance to ride one!  It was pretty cool to see people stoked on skiing and riding in the middle of August in a town that gets a few inches of snow a year max.  To add to the experience, the entire slope was lit up and open till 10 at night.

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Huge Thanks to Horst at Bryce Mountain and Eric from Liberty University for helping us ski in the middle of Summer.