After the long voyage down south we all needed to have a little fun and a few weeks later drove up to Burlington Vermont for IF3, Meatheads premiere and an epic Leddy session. IF3 for the last three years has been a huge event for us and always a fun time. This year was no different and after the long weekend of ski movies, dope fly party’s and watching our friend Ross’s life fall apart we returned to Burlington ready to rest for a few days.

After a few days of much needed rest Will and I spent the first part of the week fixing his old rails and helping the Meatheads get ready for the home town showing. That Friday we all headed down to Leddy for the most epic session ever, jibbing on the beach at sunset. After a quick change of cloths we all shook off the sand and hustled over to UVM just in time for the first movie. Both showings where packed and with plenty of sponsor toss outs everyone had a fun time.