The longest part of a drive is always the last eight hours. It’s the point where you’re so close but still so far away, and no matter how fast you go or how many cars you pass the anxiety only builds the closer you get.

Our last eight hours was from Loveland, Colorado, where we spent our first day of resort skiing with friends. After skiing we had a typical Traveling Circus debate (Shane crying, Will yelling, and me pouting in my car) whether to follow our original plan of staying in Colorado another night or beat the storm rolling in. After limited tears and bloodshed we decided to book it to Salt Lake City as fast as possible.

Orage coat madness


Willy tapping that

The prospect of getting to Salt Lake before midnight was something I had on my mind as soon as we got done skiing. I continued to neglect the fact that I made it this far without getting a speeding ticket and took advantage of the few cars and straight roads. We were making great time despite a long stop at one of the great American fast-food joints, Carl’s Juniors.

Will and I rolled into Salt Lake around 9:30 p.m. and by 10 p.m. I had helped Will unpack and was on my way to find my new home. Following half-baked directions from my roomate, I eventually made it to my new home and found that I have a futon mattress to sleep on and a great big place to live. It was good to be in a new home and not be traveling, but I knew it wasn’t going to last long.

I was right: it didn’t last long, and five or so days later I called up Garret Russel and asked him if he could drop what he was doing and come to California with us. Garret had no qualms and hustled up from Colorado to meet us. With an eight-hour drive, five people, and equipment filling the car to the top we rolled into Squaw right after eating dinner at THE BEST fast-food place ever, In and Out Burger.

The next day all of us were more then excited to go ski Boreal, and after a quick pit stop at Porters in Tahoe, we rolled into the parking lot ready to shred. It was just like skiing in the spring; warm, sunny, and slushy. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. We were in bliss for the next few days loving every second of Boreal, Tahoe, and California.

Outside Porters

Garret hand plant

Nicky B getting low.

Thanks to Rom, Hyde, Jason, and Finley for letting us crash. Also big thanks to Jon at Boreal, Dustin Schaefer at Loveland, and Rom one more time for the pictures.


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