The Afterbang‘s art is created by Jimbo Phillips who with his father are responsible for creating skateboarding’s most legendary art since the 1980s. The same guy that created the famous Santa Cruz screaming hand. When we were thinking of who we wanted to design our first skate-deck construction ski, all we could think of was classic 80’s skate art. Who would be more perfect for that look than the legendary Jim and Jimbo Phillips? No one. Luckily it worked out and we were fortunate to have their designs on our Afterbangs!

Jimbo and his work:



Jim and his work:



Now check out the evolution of this ski design and see how your favorite graphic came to be…


Afterbang Draft 1

… and the final product!


For more kick-ass art that doesn’t fall under the category of “abstract”, check out Jimbo and Jim’s websites full of in your face awesome art!
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