If you find yourself this fall stuck in front of your computer, checking weather patterns hoping for early snow, wishing you could fast-forward time to the first big dump…. then maybe you should go check out Nimbus to keep you busy until the white stuff starts falling.

See there’s this pretty good skier named Eric Pollard, he’s kind of an up and comer, who has put together a tribe of skiers who travel around getting amazing footage of whatever they’re doing. Check out this group of Nomads doing their thing below and on the Nimbus site.

Who knows, maybe when you’ve watched all of the videos it’ll be time to ski!?!

Here’s the latest En Route: NOMADS!

En Route Nomads from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.

Check out a little behind the scenes action with these shots!

Quite Symbolic for this Crew
The Visionary Mr. Eric Pollard
The Crew
Early bird get the powder
Early bird get ths powder
Hiking for those Turns
Bacons in the Morning
No new snow = PAINTBALL!
No new snow = PAINTBALL w/GoPros!
the battlefield
the battlefield
insert own sound effect
insert own sound effect
Double Fisting
Double Fisting
more down time = serious Wii carnage
more down time = serious Wii carnage
Sled Time
Getting there is half the fun
Getting there is half the fun
Ike reppin' 130s

Pollards taking a break
Pollards taking a break
Pollard and Pep
Chris in Canada
Anthony Boronowski in Canada
Andy huckin in NV
Andy throwing down in a Tree Graveyard
Benchetler slashing in Canada
Survival of the fittest
Nature on the road

For making it the end of the post… sit back and enjoy our favorite classic: IDEA!!!

Idea from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.