Winter is HERE! Read the story by MC Jeff Curry who rides the Blends everyday!

Mt Hood is unique for the single fact that you can ski and jib twelve months a year.  Spending my first summer working for Windell’s Camp as a Coach was a dream come true.  Perfect jumps, rails, and pipe were combo’d with a bright blue sky and sunshine for weeks on end.  While summer came to a close, Timberline created a private park for Windell’s Academy.  As a new addition to the Windell’s Academy staff I began coaching and riding through September and October.  Timberline has made it possible for a never-ending ski season.


This past week, a storm came threw the Northwest and buried Mt Hood with over three feet of snow.  With a break in the weather and the sun shining through the clouds, Academy students jumped at the chance to go out and shoot some photos in the new snow.  We scouted the first spot and we were all eager to build a small step down shooting out between two trees.  After a few switch landings on my BLENDS and a large bomb hole, Nick Goepper and I looked for our next set up. We marched over to a tree gap that I had my eye on for the past two days.


With the new snow from the storm Timberline has opened its lower mountain. They were quick to install a really fun early season jib line serviced by the Pucci Lift Fridays through Sundays.  The smell of winter is just around the corner and my fingers are crossed for a POW filled season.  See ya in the HOOD.


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