Check out what Colston VB has been up to deep in BC. February kicked off with the release of this mini edit from his trip to Revelstoke, where his Sir Francis Bacons ran free.

Mike Hopkins and friends at Revelstoke Mountain Resort from David Peacock on Vimeo.

Story from Colston himself…

It was about time for me to fulfill the much anticipated move to Whistler. I got my sled dialed and packed my bags and embarked upon what was to become by far the most fun ski trip of my life. I was supposed to move in for the rest of the season with my friends Callum Pettit and Leo Hoorn but one of their childhood friends needed a place more than I did so I ended up couch surfing for the whole month. Whistler received over 15 feet of snow while I was there (definitely the most massive amount of pow I’ve had the pleasure of skiing) and the conditions were pretty much perfect for filming with the Voleurz crew. However, some days it was hard to be motivated to go on a full on sled mission when the resort was just as good, much closer, and guaranteed more runs. On the handfull of sled days I had I learned a bunch about sledding and got a grasp on the many amazing backcountry zones around Whistler and Pemberton which I hope to explore more of.

February 27th was both a dream and a nightmare come true. I was staying with Dane Tudor (#1 ski buddy since I was 7 or something) He overheard some film crew politics issues I was having and invited me to come shoot with PoorBoyz during a bluebird 40 cm week! what a good friend! The Crew had the highest media  to athlete ratio I have ever witnessed, consisting of four filmers and a photographer for only Dane, Riley and Me. I was way too stoked to feel any pressure of being the new guy. We built a massive stepdown into a really steep transition on the side of some rocks. Dane did a cab 9 on it and I got a double flatspin 7. Really happy to finally have a standout closing shot for a film segment.  I’m hoping to get even more shots like these, even triples are looking way too possible these days. We filmed a few smaller lines and were packing up to go home when the tragedy ocurred… My sled wouldn’t start. It is still up there. 50kms in the backcountry under a massive hill. Dane, Sammy, Charley and Riley tried to tow it out that week but the snow is too deep and now it is too cloudy. We are working on ways to fix it or winch it out but might have to wait until spring or hire a heli. The stoke from the productive and breakthrough day lasted for about a week while skiing the hill with friends. Then I started to get stressed and lose my mind and it was time to head home.

I just finished competing in the Smith Optics Freeride Challenge in Lake Louise Alberta. On the first day the three last competitors had to deal with a really foggy venue and I didn’t ski very well because I had no Idea where I was going. The second day went really well, I did a big 360 off the top and landed with a ton of speed, too much in fact to hit any of the features I had picked out so I had to find new ones while going mach 10 down the face. The move was nominated for a sick bird (didn’t stick around to find out weather it won or not) I got a lot of props for it for being “the biggest trick of the contest”. Unfortunately I didn’t place as good as I would have liked to. Check out


As of now I’m taking a break from skiing everyday and trying to set things up for the rest of the season, can’t wait to see what it has in store…

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