The truth about backcountry skiing: Rare is the day when the weather, snow conditions, and terrain all align to make you a superhero. Sometimes, you need a ski for the snow you get, not the snow you want. Enter the Sick Day, which we pushed hard in conditions ranging from refrozen slop to sunbaked mank to glorious shin-deep powder. Our testers enjoyed its stability, edge hold, and ability to keep them balanced no matter what the conditions. This board can feather through the easy stuff (powder/packed powder), but still charge when turning isn’t an option. Pick the Sick Day if you love short, off-piste hikes out of the parking lot or bowls with cliff-hucking options. “This is the ski for days when inch-thick crust has encased your beloved powder,” says a tester who guides cat skiers in Colorado. “Because even in crap snow it gives you power and confidence.” Another tester called it “especially well-balanced,” meaning that he always felt “centered, fore, aft, and laterally,” even when ripping through bumps and airing off backcountry pillows. We liked how powerful and steadfast it felt, a result of a soft tip that floats over crud, and a stiff tail that aids in popping skiers from turn to turn.Backpacker Magazine