40 Days of Photographs – Rob Heule documents the Meanwhile In Canada trip.

“5 dudes, 40 days & 8000 km’s in an RV during the middle of a Canadian Winter was not as simple as we anticipated. Before Mack Jones, my brother Jay, Graeme (Filmer) & Kyle (Photographer) set out on our journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic, we were warned by numerous friends that we might not enjoy our nights in -40 degree weather. Luckily we only experienced one week of typical Canadian deep freeze across the Prairies (Saskatchewan & Manitoba) and the rest was smooth sailing, making the remainder of the trip seem tropical in comparison. Equipped with a lot of shovels, a bungee, the necessary warm weather gear, and our good attitudes, we set out to explore the streets of all the major cities and small towns across our home country. The goal: to have as much on our skis as possible, and make a movie about our adventure.

Directing a project from the initial planning stages, to releasing the final product online proved to be one of the biggest challenges we’ve worked towards in our skiing careers thus far, but the most rewarding. To have complete creative control over a project was amazing, and all of us couldn’t be happier with the result. The movie showcases the direction we want skiing to take, and we hope to encourage others to follow the same path.” – Rob Heule

Watch Meanwhile In Canada below!