“Sugar Mountain”

Our Australian MC Watkin McLennan and company traveled  to Alaska this past winter to ski and film its famed Chugach Mountains with the mission to document the entire experience. The fruits of that labor will be dropping November 25th!


Sugar Mountain, by director Richard James of the acclaimed White Silk Road on snowboarding in Afghanistan, is the story of eight friends who leave behind their urban latte-lives to exist – alone and unassisted – for a month on a remote glacier in the Chugach Range of Alaska. The film follows them as they climb, ride and explore the surrounding “peaks of possibility.” It’s a cinematic exploration of the excitement, struggle and success of a crew of passionate dreamers, tackling a simple question – why adventure?

“A month is a blink in glacial time. For us it was full immersion. – full connection – a full removal from our urban click. Magic,” says Australian producer Oscar McLennan. “Yet this time also revealed the graceful death of the glacier beneath us. It made you contemplate its lasting place in our future.” Sugar Mountain stars world class skiers including Chris Booth, Watkin McLennan, Tim Myers and Miles Clark. It showcases an original, award winning score by Geordie Miller with Client Liaison, and artwork by the prolific Celeste Byers of California. The film brings a fresh style and a unique outlook to the genre by replacing helicopters with advanced drone technology by 3D Robotics for a more personal POV, and connects with viewers through a life adventure with true urbanites.

“Making this film was very different to my last films,” said director Richard James. “The whole cast and crew camped together for a month. With virtually no contact beyond the walls of our tents, conversation often centered on the movie, and that has really given this film its unique and authentic feel. Eight people collaborating on a doco as it happens in the Alaskan wilderness – it doesn’t get more real than that.”

The film will be released Tuesday, November 25, 2014. Sign up now for an invitation on launch at sugarmountainfilm.com.