Professional skier & artist Eric Pollard is a world traveler, an explorer of the far-off and a seeker of deep snow. Pollard has logged countless miles finding the hidden stashes of powder, documenting them on film for web series and feature films. In honor of our partnership with Alaska Airlines, we thought we’d ask him to put together a “top ten” of everything and anything travel related – some of it a “how to” and some of it a means to inspire you to get out into the wilds.

Here’s his compilation of all things travel:

Top Five Images to Inspire:

Rad pic, over under with two great skiers. – Eric

I like that older edit, reminds me of a fun day on my home mountain. – Eric

Trying to do surf shoe slashes is one of my favorite things to do on skis. – Eric

Coordinates was a movie I filmed and edited this winter, pretty stoked on how it turned out. – Eric

“Got to love a good portrait.” – Eric

Top Five Things to bring on a long weekend:

1. Sliding Tool (i.e; skis, snowboard and/or surfboard)

2. Sunglasses

3. Trunks

4. Camera

5. Toothbrush.