Will Wesson, Sami Ortlieb, and Rob Heule take to Switzerland!

The three LINE skiers take on the Matterhorn for the first installment of Zermatt Glacier Days.




The end of April usually marks the end of many skier’s season. But with a strong late season in the Alps, LINE Skiers Rob Heule and Will Wesson hopped a plane to Switzerland to meet up with Sami Ortlieb in Switzerland. Awaiting them, in the vibrant mountain town of Zermatt, was arguably the best spring park in the world. Over the years, these three have produced the  Zermatt Glacier Days Video Series, a webisode series shot exclusively at the area’s summer operation. But with the opportunity to ski an even bigger park and more snow at their disposal, the boys geared up for an April session.


It seems like a fitting location for these three skiers. With discerning eyes, smooth style, and a creative outlook, Sami, Rob, and Will had the ideal park for imparting their particular brand of skiing. The shapers at Zermatt pieced together a flowy, seemingly endless park with tons of lines and features — through which the guys were able to lap to their hearts content.

Rob Plants a Hand
Rob Plants a Hand

But perhaps our favorite bit of content from this epic spring park trip was the train produced though the whole park. Spanning nearly four minutes, Rob, Will, and Sami, alongside Russian technician Andrey Anufriev, pass the camera back and forth as they bop from feature to feature. And the bit starts of with a bang as Rob blasts a proper nose butter seven off of seemingly nothing.


The squad will be grouping back up throughout the summer. So keep your eyes out for more creative, Blend-bending action!