Tom Wallisch and Good Company release the trailer to their newest film, Guest List

With a all-star cast including Khai Krepela, Karl Fostvedt, Thayne Rich, Mike Hornbeck, and many, many others, Tom Wallisch and his production crew have just released their trailer for the newest Good Company Ski Film. Entitled Guest List, this guaranteed banger features some of the heaviest urban spots, untouched BC Zones, and raddest park shoots ever to grace the silver screen.

Because of record snowfalls across the entire western part of the US, the boys were able to get an early start. First, they headed to South Dakota, where Tom and Dale Talkington took to some high consequence — and high speed — urban features across the windswept Northern Plans Landscape.

Meanwhile, Thayne Rich, Karl Fostvedt, and upcoming big-mountain ripper Lucas Wachs pushed the envelope in Big Sky Country (that’s Montana for those unaware). Like many film crews before, these three posted up in Cook City, Southwest Montana’s hoboacking sledneck haven. And they systematically tore apart the mini-golf zones and all-time classic jump sites.

But like any Good Company Film, the park shoots stole the show. Piecing together shoots in Sun Valley and Seven Springs, Wallisch brought together the entire squad for post season domination. The jump showcase in Sun Valley is sure to impress, and the massive wedge built in Seven Springs is sure to go down as one of the best ever.

So tune in to the trailer and be on the lookout for additional content in the weeks ahead. And be sure to sag your copy of this sure-to-be instant classic.