High Altitude Exploration of Bolivia’s High Peaks


Last spring, as LINE skiers gathered in the rainy lowlands of Washington’s Cascades for our annual #Springbreak2017, Hadley seemed apprehensive. She had just received and invite to explore the high-altitude peaks of Bolivia alongside Sam Smoothy, Johnny Collinson, and Ian McIntosh. The mission? Tag ski lines in an unlikely — and unforgiving — landscape.

Bolivia with hadley
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TGR went out in search of adventure. And if you believe Hadley (which, you know, we do), Bolivia provides just that. So be sure to look up Teton Gravity Research’s latest release, Rogue Elements to see the proof. And, to top it all off, Rogue Elements features Hadley destroying Jackson during one of the deepest storm cycles Wyoming has seen in recent memory.


So get psyched, watch the trailer, and find a copy of Rogue Elements. There’s a whole world out there — time to explore.