Traveling Circus hypes up it’s 50th Episode with a Special Release of Shane McFall’s Favorite Shots!

Shane's Shots

Shane McFalls, childhood friend of Will Wesson and Andy Parry, spent years traveling around with the LINE Traveling Circus as their dedicated filmer. In a lot of ways, he’s responsible for the aesthetic you’ve come to expect from LTC. From the early years traveling around in Andy’s Subaru, to the more far-flung early Euro Trips, Shane experienced it all.


But he has since moved on — Jake Strassman has taken over — to more adult like behavior. Rumor is, he’s even got a kid (possibly 2?), a 9-5, and his own house. What a nerd! With the newest TC episode on the horizon — it’s their fiftieth episode, believe it or not — we reached out to Shane to see if he could relive the old days. We asked for a short edit of some of his favorite shots. He sent over this 10 minute cut. So sit back, nerd out, and enjoy the weird, bizarre world of Traveling Circus!


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