Meet LINE’s Newest Pro, Parkin Costain!

Watching Parkin Costain rip apart big mountain faces, it’s hard to imagine he’s only 18 years old. With a calm, collected style and a penchant for high speed blasting, this young buck shows a level of confidence in real-deal terrain unmatched for people in his age group.

And when saw his entry in the Quicksilver Young Gun Competition, we knew that this young shredder had grown beyond the developmental stages of his skiing. We knew it was time to bring him up to the big leagues. So we turned him pro.


Armed with a grip of big sponsors behind him, a strong background in editing, and the confidence to send deep in the backcountry, Parkin is steadily making a name for himself. We couldn’t be more stoked to have him officially on the team.

So in order to celebrate, we wanted to share with you his 2017 Season Edit, jam-packed with massive backies, high speed shredding, and some good vibes. Give it a look!