Earlier this fall, LINE Traveling Circus launched it’s tenth season of production, which, is a lot. Think of how many pizzas have been consumed, miles driven in the van, and bizarre locations these guys have documented over the years. Yet in all that time, there are still places left to be explored, jokes to be made, and tricks to be invented.

Andy And Sami Get Weird In Norway

This past spring, after the #SpringBreak2017, Will Wesson, Andy Parry, and Sami Ortlieb packed up and headed north towards the arctic fjordlands of Norway. In the course of their explorations, they stumbled upon a new world of skiing… and apparently trolls. We’re still not entirely sure what the deal is with that.

Top Notch Visability


But the skiing looks pretty darn nice. Well, nice and wet, at least. With temperatures hovering around freezing point, the TC crew, joined by local shredder Sig Tviet, blast around Folgefonna’s summer park. Which we hear is a gorgeous area. Not that you could tell; it was socked in for almost the entire trip.

Sami takes advantage of some sunny skies


But when you’re a consummate professional — as these guys definitely are — you make something outta nothing. Check out Andy and Sami getting weird, Sig flowing with signature style, and Will bringing the exacting playfulness. Without further ado, here it is! Episode 10.2: Nordic Skiing Part 1. Could Part two seriously come out as early as next week?!