Taylor Lundquist joins The LINE Team

Taylor Lundquist Hiking Rails on the All-New Honey Bee

Taylor Lundquist has been holding it down for years in Utah, crushing PC laps and putting in work on the competition circuit with a strong resume as a slopestyle skier. But the best part about Taylor’s skiing — and what really drew our attention — was her style and pursuits beyond the competition realm.

It’s what made her a natural fit for our band of misfits over here at LINE Skis; she’s got a style uniquely all her own and is pushing women’s park skiing in a different direction. We’re a brand steeped in celebration of the oddballs, the weirdos, and the fun. And that is what Taylor is all about.

Taylor Dusting Off The Cobwebs at Mammoth Early Season

So LINE jumped at the opportunity to round out our Women’s team — in addition to TGR Star Hadley Hammer and Olympic Bronze Medalist Kim Lamarre — with one of the best up and coming style-oriented skiers in the game. We shot a few questions her way to see just what exactly she’s all about.

Tayler Lundquist

  1. Age: 24
  2. Other Sponsors: Full Tilt, DaKine, Electric
  3. Where are you from? Park City, Utah.
  4. What is your home mountain these days? Brighton Resort
Taylor pressing it out at Brighton

What’s the plan this year? This is a big year for me. Considering it’s an Olympic year, I’ll be attending all of the qualifier events. Hopefully, I can make it Pyeonchang to represent the good ol’ USA. But otherwise, I’ll just be doing what I do every year: skiing, filming and traveling. It’s all for the love of, ya know?!

Why LINE? The first pair of twintips I ever owned were LINE skis. If you know what’s good, you know that LINE is the OG Freestyle Ski Company. You guys have always been in it for the right reasons. There’s a lot of passion for the grassroots, the weird, the fun. And, LINE has always helped support the best content and done their best to share the love of skiing all around the world. These are all the things I care about, and it’s exactly the kind of brand with wich I want to be involved.

Quick hit from Taylor Testing out her new Honey Bees.

Three Things You Love: Tattoos, Sk8boarding, Traveling.

Three Things you hate: Liars, screen addictions, Trump.

Where can we stay up on your stuff? @Taylahhhbrooke