The Adventure Continues in Nordic Skiing Part II of the LINE Traveling Circus

It’s like buy one get one free, only you don’t have to pay!

LINE Traveling Circus continues their exploration of Norway in Part II of LTC 10.2: Nordic Skiing. Confusing, right? A second part of the same episode? But it makes sense. Bogged down by weather in Part 1 in Folgefonna, the squad rallied over to Juvass for FP Camp. Featuring a creative setup and a bunch of local crushers — Like Karl Kristian Muggerud, Rober Ruud, and Even Saugstad, the American (and Swiss) tourists take in the views, fun parks, and local music scene.

Tune in as they skip across lakes, slide wonky C Rails, and generally run amok throughout the wild and beautiful landscapes of Norway.

TC 10.2 Nordic Skiing Part II