Sandy Boville Joins LINE Skis

From cameos in Level 1 Flicks to the top spot of the infamous Rails To Riches Podium, Sandy has been crushing it for years now. And we’re hyped to announce that he has joined the LINE Family! We grilled Sandy for a few minutes to figure out what he’s all about.

Age: 26

Location: Ontario/British Columbia

Three Things You Love: Skiing, Surfing, and Chips and Salsa.

Three things you Hate: Traffic, Phone People, and -30 Degree Temps

Congrats on the win at Rails to Riches. How does it feel? Amazing. It’s such a fun contest; but no joke — it’s a lot of work. After giving it my all, it’s hard to not walk away smiling. It’s an awesome feeling to be rewarded for putting in some serious work.

What drew you towards LINE? The skis! I’ve ridden a lot of different skis over the years, and I really feel like LINE makes the best. They’re fun, playful and light.

What are you whipping around on these days? I’ve been reaching for the Honey Badgers this season when I’m looking to rip around in the park and hit street spots. It’s playful enough to jib around, and can even handle some bigger landings. Otherwise, I spent most of the summer on Blends; they offer a unique feel for sure.

What gets you hyped in skiing right now? Younger skiers. They just have so much stoke for the sport and do it just for the love of skiing.

If you could go on one trip this year, where would it be and who would you bring? I’d be heading to Southern California with some of the line team. That way we can ski slushy park laps at Bear and then head down to the beach to surf.

Plans for this winter?  I’m hoping to make it out west a few times this year. Ride some deep snow, meet up with the O’Neill and LINE team. But most of all have as much fun as possible.