LTC 10.4: Sick! and Tired

Sick! and Tired
Mt. Hood Sketchpark.

This fall, Oregon appeared to be in line for a massive dump of snow. So Will and Khai loaded up the van and headed towards Andy’s House on the flanks of Mt. Hood armed with a bunch of scrap wood and PVC. Oh, and the van got some new tires. Bet you can’t guess where the title, Sick! and Tired came from. No seriously, do you get it?

Sick! and Tired
One man’s garbage is another’s rail park.

Being no strangers to the notion of “work with what you got,” LTC — with Dale Talkington and a crew of local skiers — got back to their roots and built some delightfully sketchy setups in the woods.

Sick! and Tired
Mega Booter. Looks safe, right?

It an episode ripe for record books: creative rails, MASSIVE kickers to tree jibs — you can certainly bet that was LJ’s idea — and some interesting uses for the LTC vans old tires.


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