Quebec’s Finest Make Moves in The Streets for ParTimeEverything

For those unaware, ParTimeEverything is the brainchild of Quebec Native and LINE MC Skier, Jessy Desjardins. Opting for a more cinematic aesthetic devoid of narrative voice-overs, Jessy and his crew focus on the shot itself. Set up back-to-back, the film series tells the narrative visually. But the skiing is undeniably strong.

For the 4th episode, Jessy flies home to meet up with Phil Gaucher and Laurent Bilodeau. Shot in their hometown and in Ottawa, CA, this all-urban short features it all. Big drops, heady rails, and tech tricks. The crew got all done in less than two weeks — a feat in and of itself.


Principle Cinematography: Phil Bombardier. Additional cinematography by:  Felix Simard,Vyncent  Leblanc, Marc-Andrée Seguin, Jeremie Lafleur.

If you’re interested in checking out more from Jessy and his crew, check out episode 3. Episode 3 showcases the skiing and surfing in and around Vancouver. The squad splits their time between Tofino, Vancouver Island and Whistler. The crew manages to tap into the PNW vibe and highlights the rad parks of the Canadian Resort megalith.

Filmers: Carlo L. Mion, Jakob Eskamp, Vince Edmond, Will Blackwell.