It’s that time of year when most of us have hung up the ski boots for the year. But not for LINE Skis. With a grip of summer ski options available, if you’re willing to put in a bit of windshield time, spring is the best time to shred park and dial in those tricks you’ve been working on.

It’s a good thing places like Woodward exist. Long after the lifts shut down at your local spot, Woodward — with it’s two location in Copper and Lake Tahoe — offer up solid training grounds for the developing park skier and diehard alike.

It’s for that reason that LINE Skis always makes an appearance. Led by Team Captain Will Wesson, LINE Skiers fly from all over the world to hop in the LINE Traveling Circus Van and push out for two weeks of creative skiing, fun features, and a whole bunch of sunshine.

And From the looks of it, things really went off this year! Sämi Ortlieb, Peter Koukov, Andy Parry, and even LINE OG’s Jon Hartman and Garrett Russell hopped in on the fun.

Check out the video recap from Session 1 at Copper: