Another summer has come and gone, and like years’ past, everyone and their mom made the annual migration towards Mt. Hood (AKA the Mahalo Volcano, Mamma Hood, etc). Tucked away high on the flanks of the Palmer Snowfield, Windells Camp has been a fixture of this summer scene. With a summer park served by two rope tows that rivals many winter terrain parks, there’s no doubt it is the place to be in North America come summer time.

SAMI ORTLIEB photo: Christian Raguse

Not surprisingly, it has become a destination for LINE MCs. From the likes of Swiss creative Samï Ortlieb, to the #RailGod Khai Krepela, to local crushers like Wisconsin’s Paul Marik and Killington’s own Tweak, LINE was there in full force. You might have caught any and all of these nerds stoking out the kids, dropping hammers in the session edits, or gracing the ‘gram with some NBDs (“never been dones”). All in all, it was a long five weeks of good times and solid vibes. and We’re here to break it down for ya — one week at a time.

Week 1: Taylor Lundquist Takeover Session

Taylor Lundquist has been after it all year and well into the summer. And as the switch flipped on Session 1 at Windells, she put down some lines that prove she’s got some of the best rail style out. Taylor had so much fun session one that she ended sticking around for four weeks. Samï and Will Wesson cruised through, too, and showcased their unique approach.

Session 2:  Dicky Thomas Comes in Hot

Remember this name: Richard Thomas, AKA Dicky Thomas. This young kid out of Minnesota has got arguably the deepest bag of tricks of any up-and-coming shredder this side of the Atlantic. With a keen understanding of all axes of rotation, and a rad, definitive style to cap every trick, the kid’s future is looking bright.



Session 3: Khai Krepela Takeover Session

Khai Krepela is no stranger to the Volcano. Over the years, he’s honed his unique rail style at Windells. He showed up for his Takeover session and put on a backslide clinic.


and while you may not have seen him in the videos, everyone could feel the hype emanating from Kevin Merchant, LINE MC from Vermont. The dude brought the hype. And Campers felt it, too. If you were in his group, you were bound to have more fun, and learn more than anyone on the volcano.

Session 4: Jed Waters Drops In

Young buck and Windells Academy student, Jed Waters, took a break from skating to come out to Windells and refresh his jump game. With a casual upright style, you never know what Jed will do next. Maybe it’ll be a smooth 540, or a rodeo 12 — you never know. Nothing but blue skies with this kid.

JED WITH THE WILD CORK 4 MUTE photo: Christian Raguse


Session 5: Andy Parry Takeover Session

Andy Parry doesn’t need any introduction. In fact, Windells and AP legacy have been etched together since day one. The Original episode of the LINE Traveling Circus was shot at Mt. Hood and Windells. And the relationship has only grown since. You might not see him in the edit, but the Wizard Tricks Champion himself was there, stoking out kids.

LINE MC Paul Marik Stokes the Kids Out photo: Christian Raguse


It certainly was one of the best summers ever on the Volcano at Windells. From learning tricks, to perfecting the ones you’ve got deep in the bag, there’s no better place to ski in the summer. LINE has been a mainstay here for over a decade, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.