ParTimEverything Is back with Their Latest Episode, “Détour”


We’re excited to release “Détour,” from ParTimEverything. Jessy Desjardins has been directing and producing the ParTimEverything webisode series for just over a year now. And in that time, he has produced a series of edits that imparts a refined, clean aesthetic…not to mention some damn fine skiing.

So in episode Five, called “Détour,” Jessy links up with a grip of international shredders from all corners of the earth. Descending upon Mammoth, the squad tears apart the late spring park. And for this episode, cameraman extraordinaire, Carlo Mion hops behind the lens (and drone).

Check out the Full Cut NOW:

Be sure to check the rest of the episodes! Head over to the ParTimeEverything Website or watch Episode 4 and 3 below: