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The LINE Traveling Circus is back at it again with their latest episode: “Pain In The Butt.” In this episode,  the crew takes a summer road trip around the Rocky Mountains in search of snow, rails, and good times. Amongst thrilling pig races and DIY rails, Petey “Two-Holes” Koukov  takes an unfortunate fall resulting in a visit to the emergency room. Lucky for him, teammate Erik Olsen was on scene and able to lend a helping hand that resulted in Pete making a full recovery.

All in all, let’s just say the title of this new episode is quite fitting. Click here to watch the full episode now.


Peter Koukov Line Traveling Circus

Will Wesson Line Traveling Circus

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Episode 11.4: “Pain In The Butt”

Check out the skis used by the crew in this episode!

LINE Blend 

Line Blend








LINE Honey Badger

LINE Honey Badger


LINE Honey Bee 

LINE Honey Bee