LINE has been making some waves in the world of podcasts throughout the year. Rebel command, Josh Malczyk and athletes like LJ Strenio,  Will Wesson, Tom Wallisch, Hadley Hammer, and Andy Parry have all been featured through the likes of The Powell Movement, The Low Pressure Podcast, The Stokecast, and The Blister Podcast. Dive in below and learn all about your favorite LINE athletes and influential behind-the-scenes players.

Dylan Siggers

Listen in on how Dylan Siggers started skiing at a young age equipped with ski blades and a full face Red helmet. He fell in love with the sport and has done nothing but have a good time with it since. From skiing and filming with the Burrrlapz crew to being a Santa Cruz supported biker to being in a band, Dylan quite literally does it all.

LJ Strenio

In the words of  from The Blister PodcastLJ [was known as] this super-likable knucklehead who had a thing for destroying himself on rails and pillars, a guy who didn’t know when to quit. But I clearly didn’t know the half of it, and LJ was gracious enough to set me straight and to give me the full story. The result is a great conversation with an extremely interesting, bright, dedicated, and passionate guy.

Lj Strenio


Will Wesson Boosting. Photo: Dan Brown

Will Wesson

Will Wesson is a 32 year old X- Games Gold Medalist that doesn’t do contests. Hailing from the East Coast, Will is the quiet athlete in the pioneering webisode series, The Traveling Circus. Will made it to the pro ranks the hard way and he talks about his route to internet fame and a long, pro ski career.

Josh Malczyk

Josh Malczyk is one of the most influential behind the scenes players in the world of skiing.  Behind Josh, Line and Full Tilt have achieved cult status and are arguably mainstream these days. Josh’s path to his desk job involved a lot of skiing and a lot of working for free.  Nothing in life is handed to you and Josh’s story is a great example of how to make things happen in a world you are passionate about.

Josh malczyk carving
Josh Malczyk ripping carves on the Sakana

Tom Wallisch

Tom Wallisch is one of the best skiers of his time and is still as humble as they come.  From the streets, to the internet, to the X-Games and the big screen, Tom is known for being technical as much as he is known for style.  Pretty impressive for a kid who grew up skiing in MD and PA.  He’s also the first returning guest on The Powell Movement. We’re pretty sure you can see why.

Tom Wallisch Line skis
Tom Wallisch hot lapping Park City

Hadley Hammer

Listen to Hadley Hammer on the Stokecast 

Listen to Hadley Hammer on the Low Pressure Podcast 

Andy Parry

Andy Parry is one of the more unique skiers on the planet.  He’s an innovator, a pioneer of content creation, and the one skier who knows what the kids want….and he delivers it to them via the web on a weekly basis (for 10 seasons) with the Line Traveling Circus web series.  Find out how Andy relied on creativity more than to talent to make his pro ski dreams come true.

Andy Parry with a signature ski slide on Mount Hood



Stay tuned for more podcasts in the future to keep up with all things LINE!