The Offseason. The time when you’re either day-dreaming about skiing, or desperately trying to drill some PVC pipes together in the hopes that you’ll still be able to hit a rail. Yes, we’ve all been there. But believe it or not, there is more to the off-season than just wishing you were skiing.

We reached out to some of our Athletes to get the scoop on what keeps them busy when they aren’t skiing weird. Check out their answers below.

LJ Strenio

Surfing: LJ spends a bunch of his time chasing freezing waves on the coast of Oregon, with the occasional tropical trip thrown in for when he gets sick of being freezing cold.



Computer Science: Pro Skier and Computer Programming extraordinaire, LJ takes summer classes studying computer science and all things coding.



Running: It’s not something he publicly shares all that often,  but he is an avid distance runner. He’s run a couple marathons and usually runs a 20’er or two by the end of each summer. 

Speed-flying and Skydiving: Going hiking and conquering big mountains, but rather than walking back down like most people, LJ sends it down on his speed-wing.


Puppies: Cause who doesn’t love playing with pups. LJ has two miniature dachshunds that are sure to bring him enjoyment in his spare time. 


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Rob Heule 

Radpacks: Rob spends a lot of his time on the sewing machines in his workshop, designing and manufacturing new RAD (Recycled All Denim) products for his next adventure.

River Surfing: Not just any type fo surfing, but river surfing! Rob tries to keep the feeling of turning and carving under his feet by riding the flow of the current and waves on the rivers.

Climbing and Hiking: From exploring new climbing routes to finding new points of view to admire the landscape from, Rob finds that being in the mountains always puts a smile on his face. That, and it gives him a chance to find a few final snow-patches.


Biking: Gotta keep going fast all Summer long! Rob commutes from his house to workshop on his pedal bike as much as possible so he’s driving his truck less.


Cooking: Cause who doesn’t love a good home cooked meal? Rob loves taking advantage of all the Summer produce that gets grown to make some delicious meals in the kitchen.

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Khai Krepela

Red Ant Works: Khai spends a big chunk of his summers working landscaping and construction with the family business. Working 40-60 hours per week provides him the funds to ski all winter.

Fly Fishing: When not knee deep in work, you can find Khai knee deep in the Park City rivers catching hogs with his fly rod.

Camping: With his trusty van, appropriately named Big Blue, Khai explores and adventures around while always having a place to camp out.

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Dylan Siggers 

MTB: Riding bikes has always been one of Dylan’s favorite things to do. He grew up dirt-jumping and riding downhill and just hasn’t stopped.

Music: Dylan plays the drums in a few cover bands. He plays in the local Fernie bars a few times a year and always has a great time.

Filming: Filming under the name AERE Films, Dylan creates and produces a lot of mountain biking films. He’s been filmmaking ever since he was young and loves how it goes hand in hand with action sports.

Lucy: Cause who doesn’t love playing with their dog?

Skiing: From time to time you’ll find Dylan taking laps on the Horstman Glacier with Momentum camps. Keep your eye out for him this Summer!

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