Keep The LINE

If you haven’t heard of the new French web series, Keep The LINE, then, well you’ve been missing out! But you can get caught up right now with the all-new Keep The LINE Mixtape. People are calling it the Traveling Circus of Europe, but you’ll have to be the judge of that.

‘The Warmup’ is a short movie about a team, FRIENDS, who just want to share good times on their skis. A group of friends brought together through one commonality – the love for sliding down the snow. So, whether you grew up skiing Park, Freeride, BC, or Street. Whether you are a beginner or a professional. Whether you’re located at the smallest mountain or the biggest. And whether or not you have the latest pair(s) of skis. WE DONT CARE! The strength of this crew comes from a friendship born through skiing, and yours should do.

Grab your crew, get out there, and always keep skiing #Morefunner. Now, enjoy the mini-film from Keep the LINE!

Ski Like Keep The LINE

We’re pretty stoked on this year’s LINE up of skis. From the brand new Vision Collection to a redesigned Sir Francis Bacon, a brand new pow board called the Outline, and so much more, we know this season is going to be a good one! But don’t just take our word for it, check out the newest goods and learn all about what makes them special in the product videos below. Bye-bye productivity, hello day-dreaming about new skis!

The LINE Blend

The best ski for butters, presses and making the entire mountain your terrain park. A stable 100mm waist paired with signature ButterZones™ in the tip and tail, the Blend continues to offer unmatched all-mountain, freestyle performance.



LINE Blend

The LINE Chronic

Precisely twisted up for all-mountain freestyle enjoyment, this award-winning ski offers a poppy ride that will crush it just as hard on those harsh big-line jump laps as it will on those smooth burns all over the mountain.




LINE Chronic

The LINE Tom Wallisch Pro

The LINE Tom Wallisch Pro answers the call for the park ski that can get as nasty as ole Tom can. This is the best ski for park developed by the best skier in the park. Big jumps, quad kinks, or just hot laps through the park, the Tom Wallisch Pro can perform through it all.




LINE Tom Wallisch Pro

The LINE Honey Badger

This is the best ski for park, freestyle, and jibbing all over the mountain. Handrails, bonks, hard landings, the Honey Badger doesn’t care. It can take it all and it won’t break your bank in the process.


LINE Honey Badger

The LINE Outline

The next evolution in freestyle powder skiing, the LINE Outline is the ultimate collaboration between Eric Pollard and LINE Skis. Featuring 3D Convex Tech, a smooth convex curvature of the tips and tails that engages in soft snow to elevate the experience of skiing powder.


LINE Outline


The LINE Sir Francis Bacon

Our most popular ski, the LINE Sir Francis Bacon has been completely redesigned. Featuring a 107mm waist width paired with 3D Convex Tech™ tip & tail technology the Sir Francis Bacon floats and butters through powder without sacrificing performance on groomers and blown out chop.



LINE Sir Francis Bacon

3D Convex Technology




The LINE Sakana & Pescado

Experience the skis that everyone is talking about. From floating with ease on the LINE Pescado to carving all over the mountain on the Sakana, these skis proved the ski world is hungry for new shapes and product inspiration. The LINE Pescado & Sakana are versatile ripping skis like no other on the market.


LINE Pescado and Sakana

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