It is officially June. The ski season was cut short, and now the snow has melted. Crap. What the heck should you do know? If you don’t have a backyard setup then this post is for you! Read on and learn how to create your perfect backyard rail setup from Andy Parry!

This article first appeared on Newschoolers, Oct 2015

Build a Summer Rail Setup

“This is my homemade backyard rail setup recipe. I hope you like it!” – Andy Parry



  • Two 2×6 by 10ft
  • Two 2×4 by 10ft
  • Three 1.5″ by 10ft PVC
  • Box of 2.5″ inch screws
  • A Circular Saw
  • A Drill




1. Cut

  1.  One 2×4 into Five 2′ segments
  2.  One 2×4 into Four 2’6” inch segments



Layout your 2ft 2x4s with the 2x6s and screw them in. I like a screw in the two ends first then flip it over and put the top on.

Line up your 3 PVC pipes on the ground. Place the frame on top and make sure they are flush with the end of the 2×6. Starting at one end screw the PVC making sure to adjust along the way. Screw-in 4 sets of 3 screws for the whole backyard rail setup.

Now add the remaining 4 2’6″ 2x4s as feet.

You’re finished! Add pieces of plywood to the sides to strengthen the backyard rail setup.