As we round the corner towards the end of August, another Summer Rail Challenge has come and gone. In the midst of one of the most unique summers that I think any of us will remember, It’s hard to believe it has already been two months since the contest was launched.

The Summer Rail Challenge brought to you by the Finnish Rail Guru Kevin Salonius, is a good reminder that you can always make something out of nothing – and by nothing, we mean some scrap wood and a couple of PVC tubes.

While quarantine may have hindered any potential to continue skiing on any form of snow throughout the summer month, it sure did make for some impressive summer setup edits. With over 40 total entries, it was no easy task to narrow down the top 3 videos. But, with the help of Kevin and a group of LINE athletes, we were able to justify three edits that were deserving of the podium. So, without further ado, here are your 2020 Summer Rail Challenge winners!

1. Hugh MacMenamin

2. Noah Dedecek

3. North Coast 

A big congrats to Hugh, Noah, and North Coast! We’ve included all three edits below, along with our reasoning behind selecting each one, so keep reading for more!

Hugh McMenamin

Hugh’s entry consisted of some seriously technical tricks paired with smooth style and clean landings. He was spinning both directions – how about those both way front 3 swaps!? – and he mixed it up with some unique challenge and transfer rails while staying technical on them.

He consistently threw down different variations of swaps, spins on, and spins off for the entire two-minute edit. How about that back swap, front swap, continuing 2 at:23 for example, or those swaps at:31!? So tech and clean.

Hugh is walking away with a pair of skis from LINE, Apres Booties from Full Tilt, Attack 16 Bindings from Tyrolia, a prize pack from Tell A Friend Tour & Yoke Collection, and Large Kit of mSnow.

Noah Dedecek 

Noah, like Hugh, was insanely technical and clearly has a large bag of rail tricks. He was spinning both ways and the creativity with the use of a blue barrel and carpeted wallride added some very nice variation to his edit. His illusive at :43 over the blue barrel was so clean, and we had some very nice transfer and challenge rail switch-ups and combos. Not to mention both ways 2 pretzel 2’s, a back swap continuing 3 swap, and tons more. Crushing it Noah!

Noah is walking away with a pair of poles from LINE, Boots from Full Tilt, Attack 13 Bindings from Tyrolia, a prize pack from Tell a Friend Tour & Yoke Collection, and a Medium Kit of mSnow.

North Coast

North Coast rounds out the podium with arguably the most creative entry. Ripping fern powder lines, dropping into grass hills, and creating some unique lines and setups with their features, their entry, at times, reminded us of Andy Parry‘s insane grass line from Traveling Circus Episode 8.2 – Swiss Cheese Socks. In essence, North Coast clearly had a fun time creating their entry and well represented some serious LINE #Morefunner vibes.

With a strong mix of creativity, good editing, and recklessness, we deemed them deserving of the bronze medal.

North Coast is taking home a LINE Streetwear pack, Apres Booties from Full Tilt, Prize Packs from Tell a Friend Tour and Yoke Collection, and a Medium Kit of mSnow.

Fan Favorite – Miller Jones

A big congrats to Miller Jones for landing the Fan Favorite with a total of 394 Votes!

Miller is taking home a LINE Remote Pack and Streetwear!

Thanks for Entering!

Big ups to all the skiers that entered the Summer Rail Challenge! With so many amazing entries, it really was difficult to narrow them down and pick the top three. We’re pretty stoked on the turn-out we got in this year’s challenge. In the midst of a difficult summer and time in the world, it shows there is still a very strong dedication to keeping the shred alive – and we couldn’t be more excited to see that so many skiers are still getting after it, even in the absence of snow.

We’ve listed some other very notable entries below, so be sure to check those out, and you can also view all of the entrants here.